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"Case Closed": The Truth About "The Truth About Revenge"

by on May 21, 2005

It’s a new “case” for Case Closed. Seems that FUNimation likes to split up batches of episodes of this series into “Cases” the way they like to split up Dragonball and Yu-Yu Hakusho into “Sagas.” In those series, something changes, usually a major villain or location. The Namek Saga had the Z Warriors on Namek, the Trunks Saga focused on Trunks, the World Tournament Sagas focused on … well, you get the drift.

Not a darn thing changes for Case Five. Case Closed/Detective Conan is the Japanese/Adult Swim Action equivalent of Scooby Doo. The plots are pretty basic and repetitive. Jimmy Kudo, teen detective, was turned into a child by a mysterious drug. Now living with his semi-girlfriend and her father, he and they are constantly solving murders. Well, Richard tries to solve cases, but Jimmy/Conan really does all the work.

Ironically, I hate Scooby Doo and love Case Closed, despite all its plot conveniences. Instead of “I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that meddling kid!” we get full-blown confessions: “Yes, I killed him/her. I was so distraught/angry/love struck after he beat me/fired me/called me/beeped me/if you want to reach me (Sorry… slipped into “Kim Possible Theme Song” mode).”

At least the series has some variety over that other group of meddling kids and their developmentally-impaired-for-a-talking-dog Atlanta Braves mascot. No amusement parks are busted into. (Well, the first episode had a crime occur at an amusement park, but that was much darker than the Mysteries Inc. gang dealt with.) On this disc, we get murders at apartment buildings, on the set of a play, and in an alley that you never want to get your Coca-Cola from. One man wants his tuition back. Another wants his love back. The third, well, wanted to sneak a peek. Not all the murderers are male, or as obvious to pick out as it is in “The Stalker.”

So, what’s in the “Dear God, what’s wrong with Japan” folder on this disc? Mind you, the show is hard to classify. It looks aimed at kids, but it airs in primetime in Japan and on Adult Swim in America–where it died from poor ratings and has been exiled to a five-in-the-morning slot. Japan, apparently, has no regard for the safety of children, as we’ve seen before. Who knew an underage teenager could go buy beer, put it on someone else’s tab, and walk away?

Guy at that convenience store, you’re needed in America. You just let a teenager walk out with a six-pack of beer. And without paying, too.

Also, out of the disturbing blue, comes an abortion side plot. (Apparently this was an underlying motive, but it gets one sentence. Family Guy covered more of this territory in a “Murder, She Wrote” joke.) Add in some intended torture involving tools you’d find on any workbench, and you get a show that’s very surreal: Here’s a cute kid in a bowtie, who saves people from wrenches in ways that only 4Chan members could think of.

There’s nothing special about this disc, but there is rarely anything special. We actually get a nod to continuity with regards to one of Richard’s friends, and that’s about it. The episodes are a good time-waster but not integral to the series in any way. Same thing can be said about the extras, which you’ve seen before: bios, gadgets, songs, and trailers. The box art cheats a little bit: two shots on the back of the case are from the preview of an episode on the next volume. I was looking to see how Conan would survive a fall off a balcony.

Also, I didn’t even realize until writing this, we here have episodes 68, 69, and… 73. Where are 70, 71, and 72? I would like to believe FUNimation’s not skipping episodes, especially since they won’t air on Adult Swim, and are just saving those for the next volume.

I like this show, I really do. I just would like the chance to use two words in a review: “plot development.” Introduce new, integral characters! Have something happen! Get a little advancement on how Jimmy became Conan! Give Rachel some meds to balance out her inevitable breakdown after all the murders she’s witnessed.

Go grab the disc if you’re a completist or want a trial batch of episodes, but if you’ve seen it before, it’s all more of the same.

Episodes included in this disc:

Episode 68: “Moonless Murder”
Episode 69: “The Case of the Murdered Actress”
Episode 73: “The Stalker”

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