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"Case Closed: Deadly Illusions" of Grandeur

by on August 23, 2004

On a vacation in the mountains, Conan, Rachel, and Detective Moore blow a tire and get lost in the woods. Finding a local temple, the gang meets the head of the house, who immediately attacks them, believing them to be press covering a murder that had occurred two years before in the temple. Turns out that the victim was a student presumably done in by the Mist Goblin—a legendary ethereal demon. Uncharacteristically, this shakes Rachel up. (She’s the captain of the Karate Club and has saved Conan from cold-blooded killers—and she gets scared by a legend?)

Of course, if you haven’t learned by now, if you see this trio come to your place, run. There’s going to be a dead body somewhere soon. When the master is killed in the same manner as the student, it’s up to Richard to solve the case (Read: Conan solves it, then knocks out Richard and mimics his voice). And of course, Inspector Meguire, apparently the only employed inspector in Japan, comes to the temple as well.

This case is played out over the course of two episodes, which allows for a more intricate murder. It is definitely the better of the two cases on the disc, and, as usual, you might not figure it out until Conan explains everything.

Following The Case of The Mist Goblin Murder, the group manages to walk past a murder. No, seriously. They’re walking past an apartment building, hear a scream, and go in. There’s a murdered person in an apartment and, as usual, Conan figures it out, Richard doesn’t, Conan somehow passes that knowledge on to Richard, and bada bing, bada boom, “case closed.” Honestly, this murder seemed a little far-fetched. I sure as heck didn’t see any of the parts of the murder come together until Conan explained it all, and it seems a little too coincidental the evidence that proves it. Can’t go into details here without giving the murder away, but I guess when a show goes on for over 300 episodes, it’s going to have some implausible situations.

Despite this disc coming out on the same day as The Secret Life of Jimmy Kudo, it’s a good fifty episodes later in the run. If this is your first disc, no worries: “The Mist Goblin Murder” has a good explanation of Conan’s origin. These episodes haven’t aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim as of its release, allowing fans to get a jump ahead in the storyline.

If only the story had moved forward in those few dozen episodes. Conan’s no closer to finding the criminals that drugged him, Richard Moore is still the bumbling detective drunkard, and Rachel, oddly enough, is somewhat weakened in this case, screaming like a little girl at the Mist Goblin legend. Yes, she’s a girl, but a teenage one who has kicked butt in other cases, so it is certainly out of character for her. Par for the course, the episode-specific characters are alright, but after the episode is over, they’re forgotten. Also, considering this is fifty episodes in, Conan must realistically solve one case a week, but I doubt it’s been one year since the first episode. Nobody’s changed, Rachel hasn’t moved on, and nobody’s questioned where Conan’s parents are. I guess they go by Simpsons time, which means fifteen years can pass and not a darn thing can change. (See also Scooby Doo? -editor) You said it, not me.)

Once again, the disc comes in a standard amaray case (doesn’t rattle like the other volume) sans insert. Extras include character profiles, a guide to Conan’s gadgets, and the “Crack The Case” game, which leads to outtakes. Fun little thing, though I honestly must have missed the key to the “Weapon of Choice” game. I’m going to assume there was one and I just spazzed there for a minute. Eh, they’re alright, but not the best set of extras FUNi’s done.

With only three episodes on the disc (and essentially, two stories), I’m kind of split. “The Mist Goblin Murder” is fun enough, but “Weapon of Choice” is weak and it certainly doesn’t seem like the plot’s going to progress much over the course of the series. Grab it if you can’t wait for these to air on Adult Swim.

Episodes included on Case Closed: Deadly Illusions:
Episode 53 “The Mist Goblin Murder Part 1”
Episode 54 “The Mist Goblin Murder Part 2”
Episode 55 “Weapon of Choice”

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