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Cartoon Network 2004 Ratings Report

by on January 5, 2005

In a record-setting year that featured 417 hours of new original and newly acquired programming, Cartoon Network wraps up 2004 with its best performance ever in both kids’ total day and prime time delivery and ratings for its primary target audience, kids 6-11, according to Nielsen Media Research. Kids 2-11 delivery and ratings also reached new records for year-end kids’ total day (Monday-Sunday, 6 am-6 am, kids’ programming) performance. Highlights vs. last year’s annual results include the following:

Kids’ Total Day (Monday-Sunday, 6 am – 6 am, kids’ programming)
*Best kids’ total day performance in Cartoon Network history among kids and boys 6-11, kids and boys 2-11.
*Ranked #2 among ad-supported cable for annual delivery of kids 6-11, kids 2-11.
*Kids 6-11 delivery (445,000) increased by 12% and ratings (1.9) by 19%.
*Kids 2-11 delivery (739,000) grew by 8% and ratings (1.9) by 12%.
*Tweens 9-14 delivery (313,000) improved by 6% and ratings (1.3) by 8%.

Prime Time (Monday-Sunday, 8-11 pm)
*Best prime time performance in Cartoon Network History among kids 6-11.
*Ranked #1 among ad-supported cable for annual delivery of kids 6-11, kids 2-11.
*Kids 6-11 delivery (655,000) rose by 3% and ratings (2.7) by 4%.

Adult Swim also scored its best yearly performance with adults 18-34 and adults 18-24 since its premiere in fall 2001. The performance helped Cartoon Network’s annual adults 18-34 total day delivery to reach #7 among ad-supported cable networks and to increase overall by 7%. Additional highlights vs. 2003 include the following:

Adult Swim (Monday-Thursday, Saturday-Sunday, 11 pm-2 am)
*Boasted the largest annual delivery of adults 18-34, 18-24 for its daypart of any network in cable history.
*Ranked #1 overall in its time period for annual delivery of adults 18-34, adults 18-24 and men 18-24.
*Posted the block’s best year since its 2001 premiere with adults 18-34, 18-24 and women 18-34, 18-24.
*Adults 18-34 delivery (450,000) increased by 27% and ratings (0.7) by 40%.
*Adults 18-24 delivery (248,000) grew by 23% and ratings (0.9) by 29%.

Two high-profile launches for Cartoon Network’s original series earned record-setting premieres and continue to garner double-digit growth each week with their target kids audiences. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi join the fourth season of Codename: Kids Next Door as Cartoon Network’s top three original series of 2004. Highlights of their individual performances vs. the same 2003 time periods include the following:

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (Friday, 7 pm, Season One-Aug. 13 – Oct. 22)
*Premiere (Aug. 13) set new Cartoon Network record for best kids 6-11 delivery (1,154,000) and rating (4.8).
*11,382,000 different persons 2+ tuned into Foster’s over the five weekend premiere telecasts
*Kids 6-11 delivery (1,038,000) grew by 83% and ratings (4.3) by 87%.
*Kids 2-11 delivery (1,428,000) expanded by 58% and ratings (3.6) by 57%.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
(Friday, 7:30 pm, Season One-five episodes to date)
*Premiere (Nov. 19) set new Cartoon Network record for best kids 2-11 delivery (1,555,000) and rating (3.9).
*Kids 6-11 delivery (1,036,000) jumped by 55% and ratings (4.3) by 54%.
*Kids 2-11 delivery (1,435,000) increased by 46% and ratings (3.6) by 44%.

Codename: Kids Next Door (Friday, 7 pm, Season Four-Oct. 29 – Dec. 17)
*Kids 6-11 delivery (972,000) increased by 40% and ratings (4.0) by 38%.
*Kids 2-11 delivery (1,374,000) grew by 43% and ratings (3.5) by 46%.

In addition to its delivery and ratings success, Cartoon Network also earned significant artistic recognition for its original series from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. At the Prime Time Emmy Awards, Samurai Jack beat perennial winner The Simpsons for “Outstanding Animated Series,” for programming less than one hour, while Star Wars: Clone Wars captured the award for programming more than one hour. Animator Genndy Tartakovsky was responsible for creating both programs.

Cartoon Network achieved significant success with three of its key blocks targeted for young audiences. Overall 2004 highlights include the following:

Fridays (Friday, 6:30 pm-12 am)
*On Dec. 10, scored the highest delivery, ratings ever for the time period in network history with kids 6-11 and 2-11, and boys 2-11.
*Kids 6-11 delivery (766,000) improved by 17% and ratings (3.2) by 19%.
*Kids 2-11 delivery (1,129,000) grew by 9% and ratings (2.9) by 12%.

Miguzi (Monday-Friday, 5-7 pm)
*Kids 6-11 delivery (646,000) expanded by 24% and ratings (2.7) by 23%.

Toonami (Saturday, 7-11 pm)
*Tweens 9-14 delivery (513,000) rose by 16% and ratings (2.1) by 17%.

[Rating Period: 12/29/03 – 12/17/04
Source: Cartoon Network Press Release]

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