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“Captain America: Super Soldier” Video Game – Mug Shot Series 2

by on July 23, 2011
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In order to provide fans with some background on some of the enemy characters they will encounter while playing as the First Avenger, SEGA presented the three-part Captain America: Super Soldier “Mug Shot” series.  Arnim Zola and Iron Cross are the focus of this second
installment – as well as some original foes created by the team at Next Level


Arnim Zola

A genius in
biology and chemistry, Arnim Zola is one of the enemy’s chief scientific minds
and a genetic genius. His distinct lack of morality has allowed him to make
important discoveries… as well as commit countless atrocities. A small, weak
man, he will try any chemical or mechanical means to enhance the human body. He
is fascinated with Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier research.


Iron Cross

The Iron
Cross is a longstanding German military decoration and symbol, but recently, enemy
transmissions referring to “Iron Cross” as a code name have been intercepted.
It is unclear at this time whether that designation refers to an individual or
an armored vehicle. Howard Stark has advanced a theory that it refers to a
one-man tank of some kind, but unfortunately, little else is known about this
mechanical beast.



enhanced to wear a specially-designed combat rig, the Warden is a formidable
melee opponent. His battle rig includes a massive shield and a claw-like
appendage that is propelled by a powerful pneumatic piston. Cap will have to
call on all of his agility to help him avoid the Warden’s attacks and gain a
tactical advantage.


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