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"Burn-Up Scramble" Vol. 3: "Chicks Combat Crooks", Dudes Don’t Dig

by on June 5, 2005

Team Warrior was assembled to stop the crimes too big for the regular police to contend with. Rio, Lilica, and Maya were the brawn, brains, and bullets of the team, respectively, that is until the higher-ups decided to rework their mission. With Rio and Maya wounded in the line of duty, Lilica must team up with two newcomers who are all mission and no heart. Just like this series.

I really enjoyed the Burn-Up franchise in its W and Excess iterations, but Scramble gets off to a bad start. Unfortunately in the third and final volume things don’t appear to have changed too much.

The four-episode disc is like a tofu buger on a really nice bun: the first and last episodes are a little fun, but the core of the disc is as predictable as it is dull. And nice bread a sandwich does not make.

The first thing slice of fun is “The Black Seajack,” which brings back a bit of the charm of Excess as the Warriors wait on a cruise ship to stop a crime. There’s a bunch of cheesecake, some good action, a book that supposedly rivals the Kama Sutra, and Rio in lingerie. It’s all good.

Alas, episodes ten and eleven try to introduce that nasty drama back into the series. While Rio and Maya convalesce, two new Warriors join the team, who get the job done, but appear totally devoid of human feeling. If you’ve ever watched Cheers, or Dai-Guard, or any television at all, really, you already know how this turns out: the people who are technically better at the job but completely devoid of personality turn out to be evil and get their butts handed to them by the original flawed characters.

The last episode manages to bring some fun back to the series after that little drama spurt, but it’s too little too late. Focusing less on an actual crime and more on the off-duty interactions of the team, it’s clearly meant to make for a good denouement.

Scramble ruined a perfectly good series by changing up the characters’ personalities, trying to throw in some weak drama, and even modifying the character designs. While bits of these last episodes show some of the series’ classic humor, it’s too late to save the show.

Geneon actually goes the extra mile here, with Japanese commercials, an interview with the Japanese voice actresses, and a line art gallery on the disc.

There are better Burn-Up series out there. Track them down. Only watch Scramble if you enjoy poorly executed rehashes of everything that’s come before. Or maybe if you’re one of those masochistic vegans.

Episodes included on this disc:
Episode 9: The Black Seajack! Crash Over The Ocean!
Episode 10: Destruction Of Great Tokyo!? Farewell Warriors!
Episode 11: Last Match – Warriors’ Super Battle!
Episode 12: Go Warriors! To Infinity And Beyond!

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