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Bruce Timm Talks "Wonder Woman;" New Screenshots Released

by on January 16, 2009

Warner Brothers Animation has released an interview with producer Bruce Timm in conjunction with the Wonder Woman direct-to-video animated movie. Timm has been working on animated versions of DC’s iconic superheroes for more than 20 years, starting with the seminal Batman the Animated Series and continuing all the way to Wonder Woman. In the interview, Timm discusses the development of the DTV movies, the thinking behind the design of this version as opposed to the one on Justice League, and how this version of the character is different from others.

Timm also has warm words for two of his collaborators on this movie: director Lauren Montgomery and voice director Andrea Romano. Of Montgomery, Timm states, “Just from a purely practical standpoint, having her as a director means that I don’t have to worry about things. I know she’s looking at the storyboards – and I know she’s going to catch all the little things and fix them. If a storyboard isn’t up to speed with the caliber of the rest of the film, she’s going to stay late and re-draw it herself – and plus it and to make it a thousand times better.” As for Romano, the pair have been collaborating for nearly 30 years, and Timm said of her, “She knows me so well that half the time I don’t even have to give notes during a recording because she’s already anticipated what I’m going to say. And if do have to say something, I barely get half the sentence out before she finishes the sentence for me.”

Two new screenshots from the movie are included along with the interview. Wonder Woman will be released on March 3, 2009. For more details, check out Toon Zone News’ earlier coverage, and watch for our coverage of the Wonder Woman panel at New York Comic Con.

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