David Hand's Animaland

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Image Entertainment Catalog ID4393CEDVD
Released: May 27, 1998
Running Time: 69 minutes
Sound: PCM Mono
No region coding


  1. "The Australian Platypus"
  2. "Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus"
  3. "Ginger Nutt's Forest Dragon"
  4. "The Cuckoo"
  5. "Ginger Nutt's Bee-Brother"
  6. "The Lion (Felis Leo)"
  7. "The Ostrich"
  8. "The House-Cat (Felis Vulgaris)"
  9. "Ginger Nutt in 'It's a Lovely Day'"


David Hand is best known for having been the supervising director of Walt Disney's classic features "Snow White" and "Bambi". When he moved to England he began a new series of animated shorts called "Animaland". Believed to be lost for decades, some of these films have been found and are presented on this DVD. In describing the "Animaland" cartoons, it is best to think of them as the adventures of Snow White's or Bambi's woodland friends, only slightly zanier. Though not as funny as a Looney Tunes character, the Animaland characters are certainly funnier and more adventurous than a typical Disney woodland creature. "Cute" and "charming" are still the most appropriate words or these cartoons, especially when looking at series star Ginger Nutt the Squirrel. There's no mistaking that these are British cartoons once you hear some of the accents, and notice the spelling of "colour by Technicolor".

The picture quality of these cartoons is good, but not great. The picture has a more of a late 30s feel than a late 40s feel. The audio is not on a compressed Dolby Digital soundtrack as with most DVDs, but is instead on an uncompressed PCM soundtrack (16-bit 48KHz for you computer nerds), which is slightly better quality than a CD. Though the sound was nothing special to begin with, it is nice to know that it is being presented in the best quality possible.

This DVD is pretty short at a little more than an hour in length. Though the cartoons didn't do much for me, fans of cute woodland creatures will probably love this. It is an interesting piece of animation history that has been saved from extinction, and therefore is worth checking out.

"Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus"
"Ginger Nutt's Forest Dragon"
"The Lion (Felis Leo)"

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