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It Was Bound To Happen: The Joker Has Kidnapped Mark Hamill!

by on October 27, 2017

What would happen if Mark Hamill met the Joker? Would the entire universe implode? It would be a question worth asking if it hadn’t already been answered, thanks to this excellent new Justice League Action short.

Recognizing Hamill on the street, Joker poses as a cab driver in order to kidnap him and ransom him for millions. Not only is Joker in the car, but so is the Trickster, who Hamill played on the original Flash TV series back in 1990. His vocal performance on that show was an early version of his Joker voice, and he reprised the role a couple years ago on the new CW Flash show.

Now here’s Mark Hamill and the Trickster AND the Joker in the SAME VEHICLE….are they on a collision course for chaos? Or can Mark get himself out of this through utilizing his signature weapon — his own voice?

There was a point in time a few years ago when Mark was considering retiring the Joker voice. Thank goodness he changed his mind, or we would have never gotten this scene. It’s awesome — get to watching.

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