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Boomerang "Johnny Bravo" Marathon Slated for Feb 12, 2011

by on February 12, 2011

To commemorate Valentine’s Day, Boomerang will be running an 8.5-hour marathon of Johnny Bravo on February 12, 2011, from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Eastern). The marathon will culminate with the special It’s Valentine’s Day, Johnny Bravo.

The press release follows:

For the Love of Johnny Bravo

The Cartoon Casanova Serves as Star of Boomerang’s Annual Valentine’s Day Marathon

Johnny Bravo is a buff, girl-chasing-mama’s-boy, who can’t seem to get a date in spite of his good looks and an even better hairdo. On Saturday, February 12, the commercial-free Boomerang network presents the “Johnny Bravo St. Valentine’s Day Marathon,” showcasing Johnny Bravo’s funniest dating disasters in an eight and a half hour programming block beginning at 12 p.m. (ET). The marathon will culminate with the special, “It’s Valentine Day, Johnny Bravo” at 8 p.m. (ET), which made its world premiere on Boomerang in 2009.
In this episode, viewers learn that Valentine’s Day is in fact Johnny Bravo’s birthday, which might explain his penchant for amorous antics. He yet again strikes out with the ladies until Mama sets him up on a blind date with a real knock-out, literally. Meeting the girl of his dreams turns out to be a real nightmare during what should be the most romantic night of the year. Guest stars include former Saturday Night Live cast member Molly Shannon, New Kids on the Block heartthrob Joe McIntyre, The Brady Bunch‘s Maureen McCormick and former teen idol Donny Osmond.
“Here at Boomerang, we thought we would offer an alternative to all the sappy romance of Valentine’s Day,” said Stacy Isenhower, senior vice president of programming and scheduling for Boomerang and Cartoon Network. “Johnny Bravo gives us a chance to laugh at all the pitfalls of love.”
Highlights of the marathon include the following episodes:
·“Intensive Care/Beach Blanket Bravo/In Your Dreams/Date With An Antelope/Talk To Me, Baby/A Wolf In Chick’s Clothing/Super Duped” – 12 p.m. (ET)Johnny goes to the hospital to visit an ailing Suzy, only to find a beautiful nurse tending to her. The hospital is full of sick people, but Johnny has just what the nurse needs (or so he thinks), a heavy dose of Bravo. Unfortunately, another employee continues to get in his way. When Johnny takes a trip to the beach, he winds up at a party, where a hot chick uses him to make her boyfriend jealous. This eventually leads to Johnny competing in a “King of the Beach” contest. Johnny finally meets the girl of his dreams…in his dreams, at Carl’s sleep clinic and as his dreams become nightmares he endures them to meet up again with his dream girl. A lonely Johnny Bravo decides to try internet dating, only to be set up with an antelope. Johnny goes on a talk show hosted by a supermodel named Vendela and experiences first hand how life is on the small screen. Johnny meets an amazing girl only to find out she is a werewolf. In an effort to impress Suzy’s beautiful teacher, Johnny goes along with a gag that he is Bravo-Man. However, he’ll have to prove himself a hero, when a criminal robs the city bank.

·“Luke Perry’s Guide To Love/Johnny O & Juliet/Dude Ranch Doofus/Clan Of The Cave Boob/Buffoon Lagoon/ Mascot Academy/Johnny On Ice/ The Johnny Bravo Affair”- 2 p.m. (ET)When Johnny saves Luke Perry’s life, Luke reluctantly agrees to coach Johnny on one date, using a microscopic headphone placed in Johnny’s ear. Johnny tries to end the feud between his Mama and the new next door Mama so he can have a date with the tuba playing daughter. Johnny and Mrs. Bravo spend a day at a dude ranch and Johnny tries to train D’Ablo, a horse, to win a girl’s heart. On an archeological dig, Carl tells Johnny of what he was like as a caveman who struggled to find a home. Johnny is shipwrecked with a pretty girl who spends her time running from him. Johnny wants to be admired by football cheerleaders, but he has no chance of being a player. Instead, he joins the Mascot Academy as a “stinky fish head” to get the cheerleaders to go out with him. While on a trip to the mountains, Johnny is frozen and thawed out by a scientist who thinks he’s a primitive caveman! Johnny falls asleep in a mummy casket and is awoken when a cat burgler tries to steal the largest piece of cubic zirconium. But after he accidentally eats it he is kidnapped and taken back to her place, much to his excitement.

·“Hip Hop Flop/Marine Maroon/ The Time of My Life/Adam West’s Date-O-Rama/Bravo Dooby-Doo/The Sensitive Male” – 4 p.m. (ET)Johnny hears of a hip-hop group named The Round Pound and seeks advice from them to gain the love to a female hip-hop fan! Johnny is taken to Sea Land when he is caught in a fishing net after he was sucked into the sea by a ripe tied, and he believed that he has found the lost city of Atlantis. Johnny tells Suzi a story about his first crush. Johnny is on a dating show and gets a blind date with the Black Widow. When Johnny’s aunt Jebedissa disappears, he enlists the help of the Scooby-Doo gang to crack the case. Upon learning that the girl he is trying to get a date with is in love with a sensitive dancer, Johnny enrolls in dancing lessons from a singer to become “sensitive”.

·“To Helga and Back/Moby Jerk/Going Batty/Endless Bummer/Bikini Space Planet/Ape Is Enough/Thunder God Johnny/Scoop Bravo” – 6 p.m. (ET)Johnny sends away for a mail-order perfect woman, but accidentally picks a Swedish woman named Helga instead. In an effort to ruin their “relationship”, he takes her to a wrestling match. After winning a luxury cruise, Johnny gets on the wrong boat. Here he meets the captain of the ship, Captain Spleen, who expects Johnny to catch a legendary bad-mouth mermaid, the Moby Jerk. A beautiful vampire named Lois decides to use Johnny to make her current boyfriend jealous. Johnny plays lifeguard in hopes to attract the ladies. Johnny is kidnapped by two beautiful female aliens, who believe him to be the perfect human specimen. Johnny happily obliges. Johnny visits the South Seas, where a giant gorilla falls in love with him. Johnny pulls a hammer from a block of ice in the style of sword in the stone and becomes a Viking god with all sorts of power. He is told by the gods that he must fight an ice giant. In order to impress a beautiful newspaper editor. Johnny tries to follow a story that proves that cats are actually aliens from outer space.

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