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No Bonus For Laid Off Frozen Animators

by on April 25, 2014

A union representative is alleging that laid off Frozen animators were frozen out of a bonus Disney awarded as thanks for the billion-plus grossing film.

“Disney paid bonuses to everyone who worked on Frozen except for those who were laid off after the film was completed,” said Steve Hulett, business representative of IATSE Animation Guild Local 839, according to Deadline.

“I’ve heard they got 10 weeks of their weekly pay as a bonus. Everyone at the facility got the bonus, even if they didn’t work on it. Some of my people worked on the whole picture to the very end and then they were laid off, and they’re not getting the bonus. It just doesn’t seem right.”

Hulett said he raised his concerns with Disney, but was told the bonus “was because of Frozen but not about Frozen.”

“I understand that they’re not obligated to pay separated employees,” Hulett said. “But philosophically, I think it’s unfair. But what can you do? They make the rules.”

According to Deadline a studio source confirmed that “eligible, current Walt Disney Animation Studios employees were given a studio bonus.”

[Source: Deadline]

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