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Bob’s Burgers – Turkey In A Can – Season 4, Episode 5

by on November 25, 2013

Bob is innocently preparing the Thanksgiving turkey...

Bob is innocently preparing the Thanksgiving turkey…

Synopsis: As expected, Bob is in charge of preparing the Thanksgiving turkey but keeps finding it in the toilet.

Details: It’s Thanksgiving and Bob is, of course, in charge of preparing the Thanksgiving turkey while Gene is in charge of composing a Thanksgiving song, Tina expects to be sitting at the adult’s table this year [she even bought lipstick and pantyhose] and Linda’s sister Gayle [Megan Mullaly] is at the house for the holiday, along with her cats.

Bob has purchased the turkey and everything is going smoothly with the defrosting and brining process until Bob wakes up the next morning and finds his turkey has made its way from the kitchen into the bathroom – and more specifically, wedged in the toilet. Worse yet, when Bob tries to extract the turkey from the toilet, the cats crawl all over it and it slips and winds up in the adjacent kitty litter box. But how did the turkey wind up in the toilet in the first place? A mystery to be solved [or “sol-ved” as Inspector Clouseau might say].

Naturally, everybody rightly suspects Louise – or maybe Gene, but mostly Louise – as the culprit since her penchant for creating chaos has been well-documented in many previous episodes and Louise, just as naturally, is offended [whether mockingly so or not, it’s hard to tell] that she has automatically been fingered as the turkey terrorist. But when Bob buys a replacement turkey and that turkey also finds its way into the toilet – not only Bob is pointing the finger at Louise but now Louise is pointing the finger at Louise and sets out to find the real turkey terrorist by building a guilt chart where every member of the household is given a reason as to why they might put Bob’s turkeys in the toilet. Everybody, that is, except for Bob and Gayle’s cats. Aha!

With the likely perpetrators now narrowed down to either Bob, the cats or Louise trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, Bob buys two turkeys – one as a decoy bird – but mistakenly tells Linda that one is a decoy and, Linda being Linda, she can’t keep a secret and when Bob predictably finds one of the turkeys in the toilet the next morning, he thinks he has caught the turkey terrorist – only to find the decoy bird in another toilet too and discover that Linda actually told everyone that Bob had a decoy bird.

...only to find turkey terrorists have sabotaged his efforts and he is the sleepwalking turkey terrorist!

…only to find turkey terrorists have sabotaged his efforts and he is the sleepwalking turkey terrorist!

Bob goes back to the butcher shop for yet more turkeys and by now the butcher thinks he is hitting on him and is using his constant trips to the butcher shop as a ploy to get a date with him because why would someone keep coming back for multiple turkeys, right? Meanwhile, Tina keeps trying to wangle her way into a seat at the adult’s table when the turkey is finally ready to be eaten and Louise has decided that the turkey terrorists are Gene and Tina in an attempt to frame her.

Finally, bent on catching the turkey terrorists, Bob purchases another turkey and attempts to stay up all night to catch the turkey terrorist red-handed – but falls asleep in his under-the-table surveillance position. In the end, Bob is discovered to be sleepwalking and placing the turkeys in the toilet his sleeping brain thinking he is potty-training Tina as a subliminal reaction to Tina’s continued assaults to be placed at the adult table and therefore, growing up too fast for his liking.

The Poop and Skinny: Louise mistakenly lets the cat out of the bag – she has been stealing Gene and Tina’s allowances for the past five years.

In an attempt to make Bob feel better, Teddy tells him he has seen a rat in a toilet twice [same rat, different hat].

Gayle – Linda’s sister – is voiced by Megan Mullaly, who also plays Chief on “Children’s Hospital”.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “You love that turkey more than you love us!” – Linda, accusing Bob of turkey favoritism.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “All these turkeys make me horny.” – Linda again, this time identifying the real reason she likes Thanksgiving.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Who pooped that and may I apprentice you?” – Gene, upon seeing a turkey in the toilet.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – “Dr. Rangelove: Stove Store”.

Van of the Week – “Oh Know, You Rodent! Pest Control”.

Burger of the Week – Never Been Feta Burger.

But it's all a group hug on Thanksgiving in the end.

But it’s all a group hug on Thanksgiving in the end.

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