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Bob’s Burgers – Slumber Party – Season 4, Episode 9

by on January 6, 2014

Linda breaks it to Louise that she has planned a slumber party for her...

Linda breaks it to Louise that she has planned a slumber party for her…

Synopsis: Having successfully navigated and/or escaped the holiday season, the Belchers [well, mostly Louise] now have to look forward to a slumber party – and also an unscheduled visit from El Diablo the Raccoon.

Details: The holidays are over and now comes the real test for the Belchers – though mostly Louise – as Linda schedules Louise’s very first slumber party and invites several of who she thinks are Louise’s friends from school to the Belcher house for a night of slumber partying. Needless to say, Louise is mortified, Tina is intrigued, Gene is predictably exuberant and Bob is mostly indifferent.

Linda’s version of Louise’s slumber party has several elements beginning with a slumber party fashion show, a tye dying session and a cupcake making competition – all of which are subject to Louise’s sabotage attempts and outright desire to get all of her invited slumber party guests to be driven out of the Belcher home before the actual slumbering part of the slumber party becomes official – except Jessica [Kathryn Hahn – “Crossing Jordan”], who has taken matters into her own hands.

Meanwhile, King Trashmouth the Raccoon has had his reign usurped by El Diablo at the back alley trash heap and this upsets Linda who is intent on running off El Diablo and returning the trash crown to Trashmouth. She entices King Trashmouth with some red wine but becomes distracted, allowing King T access to the Belcher home – including under the bed and eventually, the bathroom where he helps to expose Jessica’s secret.

...all her friends from school coming to the Belcher house.

…all her friends from school coming to the Belcher house.

With nearly all of the slumber partiers successfully chased away, Louise finally tracks down the elusive Jessica, a pillow fight ensues and Jessica’s runs to the bathroom where the aforementioned raccoon has taken up temporary residence and in the raccoon-induced melee, Jessica is revealed to be a bed-wetter.

Though normally an embarrassing revelation such as this would be easy pickings for Louise to exploit at school, instead, Louise and Jessica become friends while Bob and Linda [with late help from Uncle Teddy] return King Trashmouth to his rightful place on the back alley trash heap throne.

The Poop and Skinny: The fictional movie everybody is clamoring to watch – “Twincinnati: Two Twins Who Live In Cincinnati”.

Bob is the recipient of a slumber party braid.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Let’s put a hat on him!” – Bob, after discovering a raccoon under their bed.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – Jessica: “My cat’s name is ‘I don’t have a cat’.” – Louise to one of her slumber party friends.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Oooh, they’re going to eat chili on spaghetti!” – Linda, prematurely divulging one of the plot points of “Twincinnati”.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – “Tankin’ It To The Street’s Tank Top Shop”.

Van of the Week – “Sugar and Spice, And A Whole Lot of Dead Mice Pest Control”.

Burger of the Week – None as they are not in the restaurant – except for Bob to make a burger to entice the raccoon into a trap.

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