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Bob’s Burgers – Purple Rain-Union – Season 4, Episode 6

by on December 2, 2013

Bob has developed a giant pimple on his nose just before Linda's high school reunion.

Bob has developed a giant pimple on his nose just before Linda’s high school reunion.

Synopsis: Linda is attending her 25th high school reunion and wants to rekindle the magic of her all-female band – the Ta-Ta’s – for the occasion, much to the despair of Bob and most of the high school reunion attendees.

Details: This show is a little late – most high school reunions occur during the summer – but Linda’s 25th high school reunion [Cardinal Gennaro High School reunions recognize half-decade marks] is happening now and Bob is not very thrilled about it. He becomes even less thrilled when he learns of Linda’s plan to rekindle the magic of the Ta-Ta’s, her all-female high school band which placed second to their nemesis all-female band – the notorious Bad Hair Day. The catch? Aside from the fact that they placed second due to no competition, Linda’s sister Gayle is the drummer and she won’t agree to do it unless she gets to sing her song, which Linda thinks is going to be a song about genitals.

Bob reluctantly agrees to attend the reunion with Linda but that means he has to get a babysitter for the kids since Tina is a “cheetah babysitter” for short bursts of time and what he needs for Linda’s high school reunion is a “long-haul babysitter” – so he hires Jen, a neurotic who doesn’t like to be tickled. But in preparing to attend the event, Linda and her bandmates are unable to jam properly in Linda’s basement owing to constant squabbling while the stress of the occasion has created a giant high-schoolesque pimple on Bob’s nose, causing him to question whether or not he should attend.

The baby-sitting experience does not go well as Jen’s authority is constantly being subverted by a vengeful Tina who thought the job should have been hers in the first place, Gene, whose cookie fiasco caused Jen problems the last time she was their babysitter and Louise, who just wants to convince Jen to get them to Linda’s band performance at the high school reunion or as she refers to it – the “train wreck of all train wrecks”.

After Jen the long-haul babysitter punches Tina in a ticklish fit, Louise devises a plan to cover it up that involves all the kids getting black eyes.

After Jen the long-haul babysitter punches Tina in a ticklish fit, Louise devises a plan to cover it up that involves all the kids getting black eyes.

But when the kids discover Jen is ticklish, their ploy of intentionally tickling her into submission turns ugly when Jen punches Tina in a convulsive tickling fit and Louise concocts a plan for everybody to punch each other to cover it up and get Jen off the child-abuse hook with Bob and Linda. As part of the plan, Louise also convinces Jen to drive them to the high school reunion or else “you’ll probably have to leave town, work on a shrimp boat and call yourself JJ.”

Meanwhile, back at the high school reunion, Bob’s pimple is being assessed by a series of reunion attendees who have become medical professionals and Linda argues with Gayle about letting her play her song and Gayle leaves the band before their gig. Bad Hair Day plays their song first and when the Gayle-less Ta-Ta’s take the stage, Linda suddenly realizes they will likely suck and runs away, exiting the building and running down the street. There she is encountered by Jen and the kids on their way to the reunion but they first are hesitant to give her a ride because she looks “craaaazy”.

Finally, they get back to the reunion and fortunately, the other Ta-Ta’s have remained on the stage while Linda was out of the building, so when she rejoins them she allows Gayle to sing her song, which turns out to be a passable ballad ode to Derek and not about genitals.

The Poop and Skinny: Sarah Silverman is the lead singer of the Linda’s sworn talent show enemies, the Bad Hair Day band.

Linda has lost three out of five of her sexy lady parts due to having kids and leaves it to the viewer to figure out which two she has kept.

Gayle – Linda’s sister – is voiced by Megan Mullaly, who also plays Chief on “Children’s Hospital”.

Louise = female Bart Simpson.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “High school is horrible!…Uh, I mean, it’ll be fine for you.” – Bob, at first recoiling in fear at the thought of attending Linda’s high school reunion with her – then realizing he’s sitting next to high school age Tina.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “At least he wasn’t a Roman god – those guys were jerks!” – Gene, after Aunt Gayle reminisces about her high school crush, Derek, and compared him to a Greek god.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “We can finally talk about our changing bodies together!” – Gene again, to Bob, upon seeing Bob’s pimple – unfortunately, this line was cut from the dialogue – but we like it so much we’re awarding it the bronze and flinging a moldy raspberry at whoever cut it.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – “Betty’s Machetes”.

Van of the Week – “If You Give A Mouse A Poison Pest Control”.

Burger of the Week – Shoot Out At The Okra Corral Burger [but it’s never seen because we were never in the restaurant in this episode].

The talent show poster for Linda's all-female high school band - The Ta-Ta's.

The talent show poster for Linda’s all-female high school band – The Ta-Ta’s.

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