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Bob’s Burgers – Mazel-Tina – Season 4, Episode 13

by on March 17, 2014

Louise finds herself trapped in Tammy's giant floating head.

Louise finds herself trapped with Tammy in Tammy’s giant floating head.

Synopsis: Tina wants to get invited to Tammy’s Bat Mitzvah party – where a girl becomes a woman – but Tammy isn’t interested in inviting her, so she must attend as an employee of Bob’s catering for the event.

Details: Tina desperately wants to go to Tammy’s Bat Mitzvah – where a girl becomes a woman – primarily to check out the new butts on boys not attending her school. Alas, Tammy is a Jewish princess and not interested in inviting the competition [Tina] to her event when she can invite more boys. So Tina must come up with a Plan B and does so by suggesting that her Dad’s place be one of the caterers for the event. This gets Tina in the door, albeit, as a catering employee and not an invited guest, but it matters not when checking out boys’ butts.

Louise, meanwhile, gets her hands on one of the caterer headsets and proceeds to torment Janet, Tammy’s Bat Mitzvah coordinator, into quitting and sets in motion the opportunity for Tina to become more involved in the festivities by becoming the new coordinator. As Bob predicted would happen if he agreed to cater the event, everybody has abandoned him as Linda goes off in search of crepes, Louise meanders off to pour guacamole through the nose of Tammy’s giant piñata-like head floating above the stage to make it look like boogers and Gene keeps dropping burgers on the floor.

Tina leads the macarena at Tammy's Bat Mitzvah.

Tina leads the macarena at Tammy’s Bat Mitzvah.

Bob eventually gets lured out to find Linda and the pair end up at an adjacent wedding party, leaving Gene in charge of the catering – and he serves uncooked burgers before hiding under the table. Louise gets trapped with Tammy inside Tammy’s giant floating head while Tina runs the show from below until she bails on being the coordinator because she wants to dance with Justin – the hottest new boy there.

Finally, Louise and Tammy escape from the giant head and confront Tina, who admits her wrongdoing and everybody is happy except for the people who ate Gene’s uncooked burgers.

The Poop and Skinny: The most valuable piece of information in this episode is the meaning of BFO – Boys From Other schools.

It may be possible to die and go to mall food court heaven.

Louise renames Tammy’s Bat Mitzvah, appropriately, as the “Tammy-tastrophe”.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “I’m the voice in your head, Janet.” – Louise, tormenting Bat Mitzvah coordinator, Janet.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “There’s a war on the Mexican food-Chinese food border!” – Gene.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Crepes…” – Linda, in her crepe-enhanced state.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – Quiltly As Charged Quilt Store

Van of the Week – “Stuart-a-Little Pest Control”.

Burger of the Week – None – as they are catering the bat mitzvah and serving tiny burgers.

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