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Bob’s Burgers – The Kids Run Away – Season 4, Episode 19

by on April 28, 2014

Linda employs Tina as a mole to help her bring back the fleeing Louise.

Linda employs Tina as a mole to help her bring back the fleeing Louise.

Synopsis: A routine visit to the dentist is fine for most of the Belcher family but a nightmare for Louise – especially when she finds out she has a cavity that needs to be filled – and she reacts to the news by running away.

Details: A routine trip to the dentist – Dr. Yap [Ken Jeong] – is uneventful for most of the Belcher family except Louise who is afraid and masks her fear with aggression. Tina is already in a swoon over Dr. Yap and is putty in his hands while Gene is easily plied with a toy, but Louise is a tougher adversary and refuses to go down without a fight. Matters get even worse when Dr. Yap discovers a cavity in Louise’s molar and that means she will require a filling. Louise does not take this news sitting down and, in fact, flees the dental office premises.

After a few scenes of disorientation where Louise unsuccessfully tries to check into a hotel under an assumed identity and Bob and Linda attempt to determine places where Louise might have run off to, Aunt Gayle [Megan Mullaly] calls and informs them that she has an unexpected visitor – Louise.

Knowing that Louise will not be easily coerced back into the Belcher residence – not to mention the dentist office to have the cavity filled – Bob and Linda decide there are only two viable options for them – bribery and wagering. With bribery deemed too expensive, Linda devises a plan centered on the wagering scheme where she first bets Louise that she can’t stay an entire weekend with Aunt Gayle before she goes nuts and wants to come home but if she does, then she won’t have to get the cavity filled. To pad her wager, Linda employs Tina as a mole and sends both Tina and Gene to Aunt Gayle’s house as well, with Tina reporting Louise’s mental state and Linda telling Tina to do various things [poetry readings, cat salon, board games] that are designed to get Louise to wilt in her wager.

Aunt Gayle recites some of her poetry for the kids. SQUAT!

Aunt Gayle recites some of her poetry for the kids. SQUAT!

Despite all these wily attempts by Linda, Louise successfully makes it through the Aunt Gayle gauntlet but Bob says she still has to get the cavity filled so Linda has Tina offer her ice cream as a reward for winning the wager but also reminding her that the cavity filling cannot be avoided after the cold ice cream hitting the cavity causes her to be in extreme pain.

Since Louise will still not go quietly for the cavity filling despite knowing it has to be done, Aunt Gayle lends an assist by devising an elaborate role-playing game involving spy-like international intrigue and with Dr. Yap playing along. The game works and Louise gets her filling while Bob and Linda get the bill.

The Poop and Skinny: Louise’s official age, as supplied by Bob, is nine years old, though when she attempts to use a fake ID to check into a hotel, she claims she is 43 and named Beatrice Black.

From a picture on the wall in Bob and Linda’s residence, it appears that Bob’s first restaurant [possibly before he met Linda] was named “Big Bob’s Diner”.

“Hey You! I Saw That! Put it Back!” – the name of Linda’s proposed parenting book.

Gayle Force Winds – the name of Aunt Gayle’s invented board game.

Aunt Gayle’s cats – Mr. Business, Jean Clawed Van Damme and Pink Eye.

The role-playing game is over for everyone but Tina.

The role-playing game is over for everyone but Tina.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Bribe Louise? We don’t have that kind of money!” – Linda.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “You’re in and out in two minutes or I start biting!” – Louise, issuing a warning to Dr. Yap.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “SQUUUAAATTT!” – Aunt Gayle during her poetry reading.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – A Unicycle Built For Two – Tandem Unicycles

Van of the Week – “Mouse of Cards Pest Control”

Burgers of the Week – Onion Ring Around The Rosemary Burger and Sgt. Poblano’s Lonely Hearts Club Burger.

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