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Bob’s Burgers – Gene It On – Season 4, Episode 20

by on May 5, 2014

Linda is overjoyed to find out Gene is a cheerleader.

Linda is overjoyed to find out Gene is a cheerleader.

Synopsis: Tina is trying out for the cheerleader squad at Wagstaff but Gene gets the gig after overcheering for Tina during her tryout, thrilling Linda – who just wanted to vicariously live through her high school life with one legitimate cheerleader in the family.

Details: Tina decides it is a good idea to try out for the cheerleader squad at Wagstaff and everybody thinks it is a good idea except for Bob and Louise – but Louise changes her tune when she sees Tina’s practice cheer and decides it might be entertaining to see her fail when Gene and her accompany Tina for support during her actual tryout.

The tryout is being run by a disgruntled Mr. Ambrose [Billy Eichner – “Parks and Recreation”] who is upset at being handed the role of cheerleader squad supervision instead of another more significant role. During her tryout, Tina executes a cartwheel straight into edge of the judges’ table, giving her a fat lip. Up in the stands, Gene, oblivious of the routine’s failure, cheers wildly anyway – and proceeds to get himself noticed by the judges’ panel and Mr. Ambrose.

Upon returning home, Linda is disappointed to find out Tina did not make the squad but overjoyed that Gene did – to the point of ignoring Tina’s injury and focusing all of her attentions on Gene so that she can now be a cheerleader mom and relive her high school days. Meanwhile, with a swollen lip preventing her from enunciating words properly, Louise volunteers to act as Tina’s “interpreter” for the next few days – much to Tina’s consternation.

Gene's robot cheerleader routine is sabotaged!

Gene’s robot cheerleader routine is sabotaged!

Mr. Ambrose constantly tries to disrupt the cheerleader squad’s cohesion by playing off one kid against another by creating dramatic scenarios from thin air and this ploy successfully gets Gene the Yell King crown after winning a cheer battle with the former king, Todd [Keegan-Michael Key – “Key and Peele”]. Mr. Ambrose then prods Todd to get revenge and Todd employs Zeke to intimidate Gene into forfeiting his Yell King crown.

Acting as Tina’s “interpreter”, Louise sets up a date for Tina with Jimmy, Jr. as the rotating restaurant where she proceeds to eat too much and puke – none of which prevents Tina from kissing Jimmy, Jr.

Gene’s squad makes the regional cheerleading finals only to find out their cheerleader robot routine has been sabotaged by Mr. Ambrose, forcing them to try the dangerous “Pigwheel” routine created by Linda, which fails but injuries are avoided when all the kids rightfully land on Mr. Ambrose.

Louise interprets for Tina during their dinner date.

Louise interprets for Tina during their dinner date.

The Poop and Skinny: The episode is based on the 2000 teen cheerleader comedy film “Bring It On”.

Zeke gives Gene an infamous “purple nurple” – a twisting of the nipple designed to cause uncomfortable pain from the recipient – a close cousin of the “noogie”.

Linda creates another routine for Gene – the Daffy Dutchman – where the top kid on a pyramid swings another kid around.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Got it. Don’t need it.” – Gene, when being told that, as a cheerleader, he will enjoy attention and popularity.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “It’s okay, no one’s gonna know who did that.” – Louise, after puking on the window at the rotating restaurant.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “That’s my funny bone! Which is what I call my penis!” – Zeke, during his wrestling match.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – The Nightlight Zone

Van of the Week – “So You Think You Have Ants? Exterminators”

Burgers of the Week – Bleu By You Burger [with locally sourced bleu cheese] and a blurry unreadable burger early in the episode.

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