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Bob’s Burgers – The Equestranauts – Season 4, Episode 17

by on April 14, 2014

Make way for The Equestranauts!

Make way for The Equestranauts!

Synopsis: Bob is coerced into going undercover at EquestraCon after an evil adult dressed up as an Equestranaut dupes Tina out of her vintage Chariot horse doll.

Details: The EquestraCon is in town, celebrating the classic fictional animated show “The Equestranauts” – sort of a cross between “My Little Pony” and the “Power Rangers”. Although there is some resistance at first, it proves to be futile as Linda and the kids eventually go down to EquestraCon where they soon discover the phenomenon known as “Equesticles” – grown men dressed as characters from “The Equestranauts” show.

Tina carries with her one of her horse dolls from the show – Chariot – which happens to be a rare and much-coveted item by Bronconius, the lead Equesticle of the quartet who Tina immediately befriends at the EquestraCon. While Tina is thinking she is bonding with the Equesticles over Equestranaut minutiae and trivia, Bronconius [Paul F. Tompkins – “Mr. Show”] is actually using the rapport as a pathway to duplicity – he has eyes only for Tina’s vintage Chariot horse doll – which he believes can give him eternal youth. After a bit of witty Equestranaut-themed wordplay, Bronconius sees his chance and offers Tina a straight-up trade of her old-school Chariot horse doll for a brand new horse doll still in the package. Tina hems and haws in classic Tina fashion before finally giving in and agreeing to the swap.

Bronconius would have succeeded if it wasn’t for that meddling kid, Louise, who just happened to overhear Bronconius bragging about his swindling of Tina as he was passing. Annoyed that somebody other than herself has pulled a fast one on Tina, Louise devises a plan to have Bob dress up as a faux Equestranaut and infiltrate the Equesticle group so he can get his hands on Tina’s doll. Predictably, Bob is not enthused about this plan and refuses to be a part of it but eventually gets coerced into it and agrees to be Bob Cephala.

In preparing to infiltrate the Equesticle group, Bob must research the show background from Tina’s diary and notes but this also includes a portion of Tina’s zombie fan fiction which has made its way into the pages of the real show background notes. Bob reads Tina’s fan fiction Equestranaut notes and mistakes them for real show background information, which gets him exposed as a fraud at the EquestraCon after-party and nearly results in him getting an embarrassing tattoo.

Tina figures out what has happened and her and the kids and Linda go down to save Bob from getting a tattoo and retrieve Tina’s doll in the process. In the end, Tina wants to box up Chariot and forget about the whole thing but Bob forces her to play with the doll first.

Tina encounters the wily Bronconius at EquestraCon.

Tina encounters the wily Equesticle, Bronconius, at EquestraCon.

The Poop and Skinny: The entire episode is transparently based on the former animated television series “My Little Pony” and the adult males called “Bronies” who inexplicably put the show on a pedestal in more ways than one.

Other members of the main Equesticle group are Sun Puddle, Horse Play and Pony Danza.

The Equstranaut cocktail of choice – Horse Medicine.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “They’re tramp-stamping our tramp!” – Tina, when Bob is getting his tattoo.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “I guess I feel a little out of place here. Maybe because I don’t have enough money and I’m not a grown man.” – Tina, upon arriving at EquestraCon.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “What’s the capital of Horse Valley? Well, a lot of people would say it’s Horsetradam because that’s the largest municipality, but it’s actually Salt Lick City.” – Bob, reciting some Equestranaut trivia for the benefit of the Equesticles.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – Tire-Rhea

Van of the Week – “Spray Anything Exterminators”

Burgers of the Week – The Life of the Parsley Burger.

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