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Bob’s Burgers Episode Recap: My Big Fat Greek Bob – Season 4, Episode 4

by on November 11, 2013

Bob is recruited to be a fill-in cook at a fraternity.

Bob is recruited to be a fill-in cook at a fraternity.

Synopsis: Bob goes back to college after he is recruited to be a fill-in cook for a fraternity while Linda hosts a “Lady Goods” party at the house while he’s gone.

Details: Bob is minding his own beeswax at the restaurant when he is recruited to be the fill-in cook at a fraternity. Normally, this would mean leaving Linda at home with the kids but Linda has a scheduling conflict – she is the host of a “Lady Goods” party organized by her friend, Susan, so Bob has to take the kids with him to the fraternity.

First though, Bob must make a scouting visit to the fraternity where he discovers that the fraternity is not exactly the best house on campus and is, in fact, more along the “Animal House” vein with toilet paper hanging from the house [which they use for its actual purpose], turned-over couches for forts and a lizard called Beta which doubles as a drinking schooner. Bob has a beer out of Beta’s butt – you’d have to witness the episode to put that line in its proper context – which inevitably leads to a karaoke session in the special “Crooner Corner” of Slowhand – a wealthy alum who keeps returning to the house, much to the consternation of the current fraternity members.

Once the scouting trip is over, Bob returns with the kids in tow for his fill-in cook gig and promptly discovers that the wealthy alum Slowhand is really Dr. Yap [voiced by Ken Jeong – “Hangover”] – the belcher family dentist. Dr. Yap shows the kids the fraternity’s locked Room of Secrets – essentially presenting them with a challenge of trying to get into the room, which they try to do but Bob temporarily puts a halt to the effort.

While Linda hosts a "Lady Goods" party back at the house.

While Linda hosts a “Lady Goods” party back at the house.

Back at home, Linda’s “Lady Goods” party is not going so well for Susan as the guests consist mostly of “married, boring people”, so Susan encourages Linda to spice it up by falsely admitting that Bob has a condition which makes him “sex bad” and therefore she must use the “Sneaky Pete” vibrating product. This opens up the product flood gates and now the ladies eagerly express and interest in purchasing the vibrating products.

Back on campus, the Alpha house – the Betas’ nemesis – have allegedly pranked the Betas by punching up Dr. Yap and shaving his head and – worst of all – absconding with Beta! Bob, Dr. Yap and the current group of Betas decide their best course of action is retribution and set out to exact revenge on the Alphas, only to find that the Alphas are actually a genuinely good house who are oblivious of the Betas. While Bob and the Betas are out discovering this, the kids are left alone in the house and Louise picks the lock on the Room of Secrets door and discovers a secret panel where Beta actually is – exposing the fact that the whole Beta-napping pranking scenario was a scheme crafted by Dr. Yap.

The Poop and Skinny: Linda gets her own “pleasurologist” coat for the “Lady Goods” party.

Dean Dixon was voiced by Jonathan Katz, whose Dr. Katz animated show helped launch H. Jon Benjamin’s [Bob] voice acting career.

Susan – Linda’s Lady Goods friend – is played by Samantha Shelton [“Monarch Cove”] while Turd, Bob’s frat house friend, is played by Kurt Braunohler [“Delocated”].

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – “You pee out of the window? That settles it – I’m going to college!” – Gene, upon learning that a fraternity member is going to take a whiz out of the window of the frat house.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “I’ll take the one with the hand crank – for camping.” – One of the ladies at Linda’s “Lady Goods” party, expressing an interest in the hand-crank vibrator.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “My name is Dean Dixon and you’re all expelled. Just kidding!” – Dean Dixon’s opening line at the charity fundraiser.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – “Wolf in Cheap Clothing Discount Pet Apparel”.

Van of the Week – “A Mouse Divided Pest Control”.

Burger of the Week – A Leek of Their Own Burger.

Dr. Yap prevents the kids from entering the "Room of Secrets" at his fraternity.

Dr. Yap prevents the kids from entering the “Room of Secrets” at his fraternity.

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