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Bob’s Burgers – Ambergris – Season 4, Episode 18

by on April 21, 2014

The Belcher kids find some ambergris on the beach.

The Belcher kids find some ambergris on the beach.

Synopsis: The Belcher kids come across a glob of goo on the beach which they eventually figure out is precious ambergris while Mr. Fischoeder temporarily turns over his landlord duties to his high strung brother Felix.

Details: Gene, Louise and Tina are on the beach one day when they happen across a glob of aromatic goo that they take home with them and eventually discover is precious ambergris – a waxy substance created by a sperm whale’s intestinal fluids coating the beak of a squid it has eaten and which is used in many industry products including perfumes.

Meanwhile, the landlord, Mr. Fischoeder [Kevin Kline] has paid Bob and Linda a visit to announce that he is temporarily handing over his landlording reins to his brother Felix [Zach Galifianakis] because he is bored with the duties of landlording and Felix’s inheritance has run out. Felix is a somewhat high strung arty type who is not particularly well-suited for his newly construed landlord role but Mr. Fischoeder doesn’t seem to care much about the uneasy transition which occurs just as Bob needs to have his bathroom fixed [or, more accurately, his “hot brown water” problem fixed].

But Louise becomes greedy when she learns the value of ambergris.

But Louise becomes greedy when she learns the value of ambergris.

Back at the house, with Tina having looked it up on the internet and discovered both the value and illegality of ambergris, the kids must now decide what to do with their chunk of ambergris that they estimate is valued at $30,000 and their decision is to bring in carnival operator Mickey [Bill Hader – “Saturday Night Live”] as an ambergris middleman. Mickey proceeds to determine that they should bring in his fellow carnival employee, The Nose, to secure the deal. But with the amount of $30,000 dancing around in her head, Louise embarks on a power trip and decides to take matters into her own hands, cutting out Mickey and dealing directly with The Nose [Dom Irrera – “Back at the Barnyard”].

Bestowed with his new landlording duties and presented with Bob’s request to fix the bathroom plumbing, Felix responds with an idea to remodel the bathroom instead and then proceeds to treat the project like an art gallery opening with a requisite delayed opening, DJ-led party and grand unveiling of the bathroom – which turns out to be mostly black and containing three apparatuses – appearing to be a bidet, a sink and a toilet – though there is significant confusion as to which is which.

Finally, The Nose, seeing that Louise has cut Mickey out of the deal and is in over her head, takes advantage of her by tricking her and giving her only $12 for the chunk of ambergris instead of $30,000 – but unbeknownst to Louise, Tina had sabotaged Louise while she was drunk with power and replaced the ambergris with a cantaloupe wrapped in dirty socks. The Nose detects this switch immediately but Tina is already in the process of giving the ambergris to Mickey when she learns that his intentions for the money will not be as honorable as she was led to believe [now he wants to rob a bank with a tank] and tosses the ambergris into a deep fryer where it dissolves.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fischoeder has temporarily installed his brother, Felix, as the landlord.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fischoeder has temporarily installed his brother, Felix, as the landlord.

The Poop and Skinny: An intriguing subplot emerges when Mr. Fischoeder lets it slip near the end that his brother Felix is responsible for the loss of his eyeball – leaving the assumption that this will be explored in a future episode.

Additionally, the natural assumption is that the name of Felix for Mr. Fischoeder’s brother is likely a reference to “The Odd Couple”.

Gene is like a goat.

The Queezy Queen is the ride at the carnival – named the Wonder Wharf – that Mickey operates.

The ToonZone Gold Best Line of the Episode Medal – Bob: “What are the odds that Felix will send a plumber today?” “20/20!!” – Linda.

The ToonZone Silver Second-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “Why can’t whales take three equal-sized poops like I do?” – Gene, trying to understand the origins of ambergris.

The ToonZone Bronze Third-Best Line of the Episode Medal – “It’s Like instant gratification – but later.” – Gene.

Right Side Store Neighbor of the Week – Get A Loom You Two – Couples Weaving

Van of the Week – “Rats Gotta Hurt Pest Control”

Burgers of the Week – Hummus A Tune Burger.

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