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"Blue Gender, Volume 3": Roll Dice, And He’ll Shoot You

by on July 8, 2004

Yuji Kaido has been in a cryogenic slumber for decades. Upon awaking, he found that the Earth had been evacuated because of the Blue—gigantic, destructive bugs that had overrun the planet. But he has been rescued by Marlene, a military official sent to retrieve him and other “samples” from the cryogenic site and take him to humanity’s new home on Second Earth.

When we last saw Yuji and Marlene they had just witnessed the deaths of everyone else on their team. But Marlene is still determined to get Yuji to the space station. On the way there they run into Dice, a former military soldier who has been camping out in the desert with an Armor Strike, one of the decently sized military-issued mechs. He’s a rougher sort than Marlene (even knocking her out at one point so as to prevent her from messing something up) and isn’t above offering liquor to the underage Yuji. He’s an interesting character and mixes it up well with Marlene.

With the duo now a trio, they continue to make their way to the shuttle launch site, but Yuji gets separated from his companions during a Blue attack during a sandstorm and is captured by a rogue military group. Among these nomads Yuji meets Elena, the sole female member of the band, and forms a relationship with her. You really get to like Elena, who is a bright spot in this bleak future. She is charmingly naive (for instance, she does not know how big the ocean is, having never seen it) and she is much more plausible than Marlene as a love interest for Yuji. There’s also a poignant sense of suspense to her appearing: likable characters have died before in this series, after all.

Extras include “Blue File 2,” a visual guide consisting clips and sketches of the various Blue. (Don’t watch if you haven’t seen the whole series before, as it has a few spoilers.) It also includes an extended version of “Love Taught Me” in the form of a music video that sets this ending song to disturbing images of romantic groping and gruesome deaths. There are character/VA profiles of Yuji, Marlene, Dice and Elena; textless songs; an image gallery consisting of cels, not screencaps; and the requisite trailers for other FUNi discs. The packaging is a standard black amaray case with an insert describing the episodes.

If you’ve enjoyed (well, “enjoy” might be the wrong word for Blue Gender; maybe “found interesting the deaths and romantic grope sessions”) the first two discs of Blue Gender, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick up the third. Three episodes isn’t much to get on a disc, but there’s only twenty-six episodes to the series, so it’s not a terrible cheat; and the extras are rather decent. It’s not a good jumping on point for the series; nor should it be. But I certainly liked it.

Episodes included:
Episode 7 “Sympath”
Episode 8 “Oasis”
Episode 9 “Confirm”

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