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Beast Wars Transformers – Best Episode Ever! – Neo Yi’s Choice

by on June 25, 2011

So let me get this straight, we get an episode involving everyone’s
favorite chew toy, Waspinator, possessed by the poster bot of deception,
Starscream, for 22 minutes? Works for me!

Whether inserting G1 lore into Beast Wars was a brilliant move or not, “Possession
is an excellent and delightfully entertaining episode, a loving tribute
to the yesteryear that expertly fit with this series’ more story driven
narrative. Starscream, as per usual, steals the spotlight. Ever the
crafty, overconfident clod, he manipulates both the Maximals and
Predacons, steals the formers’ base, takes Blackarachnia under his
(literal) wings as his protégé, and schemes to overthrow both forces for
total dominance. Right from the start, Doug Parker’s performance as
Starscream delivers: he’s prideful, cunning, hammy, and of course,
whiny, whiny, whiny. His plans are pretty effective and for once, we may finally see Starscream succeeding.

Oops, I spoke to soon, karma comes a-knocking for the seeker. Proving he
hasn’t learned anything over the years, Starscream remains cocky and
sure of himself, unable to see the bigger picture and underestimating
the others. Megatron suspected him from the start, Optimus Primal
outsmarts him by surrendering and catering to his ego, thus giving him
access to his own base (and weapons!), and Blackarachnia becomes the Starscream to
Starscream himself when she blows his spark out of Waspinator (is there
any other way for our favorite butt monkey to go?) in order to, what
else, save her own skin. But snakes in a grass are harder to kill than
roaches—Starscream’s spark flies off into the depths of space,
threatening his vengeance.

There are some things that never changes. Sorry, Starscream – you’ll always be second best, but we like you that way.

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