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OTAKON 2006: ADV Acquires "Utawarerumono"

by zmanjzon August 5, 2006
At Otakon 2006, ADV announced the acquisition of Utawarerumono at their panel on Saturday at noon. Current plans are to title this series Shadow Warrior Chronicles.

OTAKON 2006: Kadokawa Announces Licensees and Release Dates

by zmanjzon August 5, 2006
Kadokawa Pictures used their Saturday panel at Otakon 2006 to confirm several of their upcoming releases including the following: – Full Metal Panic TSR distributed through FUNimation starting November 14, January 9, March 14 and May 6th. – The Third, distibutor to be determined. – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, distributor to be determined, […]

"Naruto" on Cartoon Network Increases Manga Sales

by zmanjzon September 26, 2005
The recent exposure of Viz Media’s Naruto on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block has resulted in a major boom in sales of the manga version of Naruto, also distributed in the US by Viz Media. You can read more at

Toon Zone at Otakon: Guu is Good (and Coming Soon)

by zmanjzon August 22, 2005
This year at Otakon 2005, Anime Nation announced that the long awaited series Hare Guu Volume 1 is tentatively scheduled for a December 28, 2005, release. This series, which is being dubbed by Bang Zoom, is reportedly awaiting disk replication for volume one and is in the midst of the the ADR Process for volume […]

Toon Zone at Otakon: ADV to Small Dish Owners: Let Your Voice Be Heard

by zmanjzon August 22, 2005
ADV at Otakon 2005: Good reactions, and a time to make one’s move. This year, ADV displayed some clips from their upcoming series GODANNAR. This is a series which takes the combination of fan service and giant mecha anime to new heights. This series will be released October 4, 2005. Before that release date though, […]

Toon Zone at Otakon: Where’s Bandai? Viz?

by zmanjzon August 22, 2005
This year at Otakon, anime industry heavyweights VIZ Media and Bandai did not make an appearance. No official reason was given for the Bandai’s absence, but longtime company spokesman Jerry Chu recently left the company. VIZ Media did not attend due to a conflict with previously scheduled events. Needless to say, hundreds of convention-goers that […]

Toon Zone at Otakon: Geneon Showcases Indigo

by zmanjzon August 22, 2005
Geneon had Panels at Otakon 2005. While much of their panel was devoted to showcasing “The Indigo”, one of Otakon’s performing musical guests this year, Geneon did run their promotional video from Anime Expo 2005, which among other upcoming series included the Hellsing Ultimate Promo video. A roller coaster of character cameos, awesome shots of […]

Puffy AmiYumi to Appear at Otakon 2005

by zmanjzon August 4, 2005
While time limitations won’t allow for autographs or a concert, Otakon 2005 has announced that Puffy AmiYumi will be appearing at a panel on Friday, August 19, at 7:30pm. Otakon 2005 is being held this year from August 19 – 21 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore Maryland. [Source: Otakon 2005]

"Juniper Lee": Yeah, I’d Watch It

by zmanjzon May 27, 2005
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Judd Winnick’s new Cartoon Network series, is about a young girl who is the “Great Protector: Keeper of the Harmony between Magic and Reality.” As such, Jun must reconcile her responsibilities with more mundane things, like hanging out with friends and going to school. The problems involved with […]

"Full Metal Panic" Or, A Military Otaku’s Dream

by zmanjzon May 10, 2005
When I picked up Full Metal Panic I was expecting another generic giant robot series. Some knockoff of Gundam, Voltron, or the like. What I got instead is an expert combination of comedy, drama, and sci-fi mixed with an extensive knowledge of real military hardware and tactics. The setting of Full Metal Panic is present […]