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"Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood" Tribute to One Who Grew Up But Never Grew Old

by Toon Zone Staffon March 23, 2009
Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood is a charming introduction to the mind of the legendary director. Melding a live-action interview of Chuck Jones at his drafting table with some newly created animation, it is a quiet, meditative documentary featurette that gives the personal recollections of this famous animator visual expression. If you are already familiar […]

Toon Zone’s 10th Anniversary: Memories from Staff

by Toon Zone Staffon August 24, 2008
On August 24, 1998, Toon Zone opened its virtual doors to the Internet. To commemorate our 10th anniversary celebrating the art of animation, several Toon Zone staff members have contributed their memories and reminiscences of the site. In alphabetical order by username: Alex Weitzman What first brought me to Toon Zone was a pursuit of […]

Ratin’ Satan: Toon Zone Chooses The Worst Dark Lords

by Toon Zone Staffon July 15, 2005
On the occasion of the release of the Constantine DVD (see our vote for who you think is most worthy to reign over the land of blistering flames! and ) Toon Zone takes a look at some of the different takes on the Prince of Darkness animation has produced over the years, and invites you […]