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Anime Expo 2010: Day 1

by Jeffrey Harrison July 4, 2010
ANIME EXPO 2010 The largest anime convention of the year, Anime Expo, hit the Los Angeles Convention Center for the July Fourth weekend.  I was live in attendance, so here is what went down on Thursday, day one of the convention.  The day stated off well with a trivia contest at the Gundam 31st Anniversary […]

Anime Expo 2010: Geneon Universal Previews New Anime Titles

by Jeffrey Harrison July 3, 2010
Japanese anime producer and distribution company, Geneon Universal Entertainment, previewed new anime shows at its industry panel Friday at the Anime Expo. Among the new titles Geneon previewed were Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan, Black Lagoon 3: Roberta’s Trail of Blood, and High School of The Dead. Hakuoki, animated by Studio DEEN, is a Japanese samurai story […]

Anime Expo 2010: Aniplex Announces "Durarara!!" For US Release

by Jeffrey Harrison July 3, 2010
This evening at the Anime Expo, Aniplex Inc. announced at their industry panel that they will release the anime series, Durarara!!, on DVD in the US. Hiroe Tsukamoto, Vice President of Development and Marketing at Aniplex, also confirmed that the US release for the series will feature an English dub. The English dub cast for […]

Stan Lee Set to Open Rock’n Comic Con 2010, May 28-30, 2010

by Jeffrey Harrison May 21, 2010
FAME LA and Animation Ink have announced that comics creator and living legend, Stan “The Man” Lee, will be the featured guest of honor at the Los Angeles Rock’n Comic Con 2010. Lee will launch the convention in a special ribbon-cutting ceremony, a VIP Gold Room Meet And Greet, walk through, autograph signings, photos, and […]

Toonzone Goes to the "Shrek Forever After" Press Conference

by Jeffrey Harrison May 20, 2010
Last Friday, Paramount invited the media for a press conference to ask questions for the cast and crew of Shrek Forever After (also going by Shrek: The Final Chapter). Two separate panels were held, one featuring the production crew and the other featuring the voice cast members. PRODUCTION CREW PANEL – Mitchell talked about the […]

Anaheim Comic Con 2010 News Article Roundup

by Jeffrey Harrison April 20, 2010
Toonzone News was at the Anaheim Comic Con 2010 this past weekend, and this article is the central spot for all our convention coverage. Click any of the links below for our coverage: Anaheim Comic Con 2010: “Drawn Together” Movie Screening and Panel Report Anaheim Comic Con 2010: “Drawn Together” Interviews Anaheim Comic Con 2010: […]

Anaheim Comic Con 2010: "Drawn Together" Movie Screening and Panel Report

by Jeffrey Harrison April 20, 2010
In a signature event of this year’s Anaheim Comic Convention at the Anaheim Convention Center, Comedy Central screened the new Direct-To-DVD release for The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! for fans. The movie was previously shown at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX, but this time series creators and writers Matt Silverstein and Dave […]

Anaheim Comic Con 2010: "Drawn Together" Interviews

by Jeffrey Harrison April 20, 2010
At the Anaheim Comic Con 2010, Toonzone News got to speak with Matt Silverstein, Abbey DiGregorio, and Dave Jeser after the screening of The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! Don’t forget to check out our screening report and panel coverage, or else a lot of the jokes in here aren’t going to make much sense. […]

Anaheim Comic Con 2010: A Chat with Actor Phil LaMarr

by Jeffrey Harrison April 20, 2010
Phil LaMarr is a long-time veteran of animation and acting for the better part of two decades. On the live action end of the spectrum, Phil LaMarr was one of the featured cast members of the sketch comedy series, MADTV, and also appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. In animation, LaMarr has done time in […]