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Hellboy: House Of The Living Dead Hardcover Graphic Novel Review

by thedanmachineon November 3, 2011
I’m a huge fan of Hellboy. The weird mix of horror, science fiction and action, combined with a deep mythology that is altogether a homage to many other works, but still manages to feel fresh, makes for one great comic series. Hellboy is like a Wolverine that I’ve never gotten tired of. He’s gruff, tough […]

Four DC Stories That They Shouldn’t Adapt

by thedanmachineon October 28, 2011
The DCU animated films, starting with Superman: Doomsday and continuing to the most recent, Batman: Year One, have been very popular, or at least popular enough to continue the production of. I’ve enjoyed most of them, most notably Crisis On Two Earths, which will probably remain the most awesome thing ever until scientists unveil a […]

Young Justice: I Didn’t Know I Wanted It

by thedanmachineon October 10, 2011
When asked about what they’d want in a DC show, half of all responses are “I want a Batman that can punch people through the heads and then Bruce Wayne will hit on the widow at the funeral.” The other half are the simple responses of “Plastic Man series,” or “a Green Lantern Patrol show […]