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Generator Rex – “Guy vs. Guy” Recap

by Rick Joneson January 11, 2012
“Rex plans a prank on Noah and ropes Bobo into his scheming.” In the latest episode of Generator Rex, Rex and Noah engage in an ever-escalating prank war that Rex is becoming desperate to win. As he’s constantly failing to get the upper hand on Noah Rex eventually turns to Bobo for help, but Bobo’s […]

Generator Rex – “Crash and Burn” Recap

by Rick Joneson November 21, 2011
“Rex gets involved in underground motorcycle racing.” This time, Generator Rex delves into the world of underground racing as Rex crosses paths with a group of young and reckless bike racers. The story begins as Rex decides to get his mind off of his exit from the Providence organization, and the move into the team’s […]

Generator Rex – “Back In Black” Recap

by Rick Joneson November 15, 2011
“Rex visits an alternate future in which the Black Knight is the head of Providence.” Things are getting pretty strange for Rex as he has to become acquainted with Providence’s new management: Kinder and gentler but definitely stranger than what he was previously accustomed to. Black Knight, the new head of Providence, seems to have […]

Generator Rex – “Six Minus Six” Recap

by Rick Joneson October 22, 2011
“Six loses his memories and reverts to a heartless mercenary while trying to restore Rex’s.” This week, things begin as Caesar, Rex’s eccentric scientist brother, is about to begin testing his newest invention: a device that is able to retrieve forgotten memories. Rex, eager as always to remember more of his past, volunteers to be […]

Generator Rex – “Grounded” Recap

by Rick Joneson October 15, 2011
“Rex is grounded while the Providence crew are off-site, so Noah persuades him to have a party. But things soon take a turn when an EVO intruder is discovered inside the base.” From the very beginning Generator Rex has been a show that followed the life of an atypical teenager, but the show often plays […]