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"Red Garden" Collections 1 & 2: Looking for Life in all the Right Places

by Radical Ravenon June 11, 2009
Red Garden‘s background plot is a well-worn one. Two groups, the Animus and the Delorae, waged a war against each other several centuries ago. They ended up cursing each other; the Delorae are in constant danger of losing their minds and turning into monsters, while the Animus are given the “gift” of immortality, with an […]

"Murder Princess Complete Series": Just a Flesh Wound

by Radical Ravenon June 2, 2009
Murder Princess is one of the most straightforward shows I’ve watched in a while. The purple-haired Falis is a low-caste bounty hunter who is off hunting wolves (with her partners, Dominikov and Pete) in the forest near Forland Castle. Inside the castle, meanwhile, a coup d’etat is unfolding: Dr. Akamashi, a former scientist to the […]

Disney Animation Collections 2, 3, and 4: Old School Fun

by Radical Ravenon May 29, 2009
In the long ago (well, not really) days of the theatrical short, companies like MGM and Warner Bros were making names for themselves by being outrageously funny. Disney has always lacked the sense of anarchic humor these companies specialized in, but it possessed other qualities to more or less make up for it. The first […]

"Aria The Animation": Wet n’ Fuzzy

by Radical Ravenon May 27, 2009
Often, when writing a review, I’m vexed to realize that the English language has fewer words than I might wish for. There is no word, for example, that means “I sorta-kinda liked it, but not too much” or “It sucked, but was still kinda watchable”. Aria, fortunately, can be captured in one phrase: completely and […]

Stop "Project Blue Earth"; I Want to Get Off!

by Radical Ravenon May 3, 2009
Project Blue Earth SOS is an alien invasion show. Let’s just make that clear right off. It does not deal with romance or drama or humor or even combat, really. It deals with aliens. Invading. Do not go in expecting anything else. This show’s aliens can speak English (Japanese?), but they still possess a standard […]

"Mysterious Cities of Gold" Complete Series: Adventure! That’s the Life for Me

by Radical Ravenon April 26, 2009
The 80’s were an odd period for animation. Public opinion on the subject is divided into two factions: those who view the shows nostalgically, and maintain that campy means good and that new cartoons suck; and those who’d like to forget the 80’s even had any cartoons. I’m not sure where I stand on the […]

"Fullmetal Alchemist" Seasons 1 & 2: Full Throttle Excitement

by Radical Ravenon April 6, 2009
It’s never a good idea to read a show’s source material before watching the show itself. Too often it raises expectations that will be impossible to meet. But I can happily report that the Full Metal Alchemist anime (adapted from the hugely successful manga) meets these expectations in a quite unusual way: though adaptation decay. […]

"Shigurui": Killing Time

by Radical Ravenon March 30, 2009
Shigurui has a rather interesting tag-line: “The Beauty is in the Kill.” That should be sufficient warning to anyone curious about the show: it is excessively violent. It goes far beyond average cartoon violence, even by anime’s more lax standards. Faces are cut off of heads, fingers are forced into unnatural positions, intestines are yanked […]