Jetix, SIP Animation & TF1 Combine for 'Niños'

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Jetix Europe, SIP Animation and French TV broadcaster TF1 are joining forces to produce the animated action comedy series Combo Niños, according to a May 11th Variety report. The Combo Niños are four kids who transform themselves into animal-inspired superheroes (a jaguar, a bull, an iguana and an eagle) and use their magical and martial […]

France Goes Hip-Hop as 'Les Lascars' Gets Feature Film

French suburban hip-hop culture is coming to the bigscreen in an all-star animated feature voiced by the likes of Diam’s, France’s biggest-selling pop artist, according to Variety. Voice talents include Diane Krueger, mistress of ceremonies at this year’s Cannes, and Vincent Cassel. The movie is based on the cult TV series “Les Lascars” — which […]

Spain launches 'Planet One', with Hopes to Land in US

An article published in Daily Variety covers the trials and travails of Spanish animation house Ilion Studios in their effort to break into the CGI animation market with their $54 million collaboration with Handmade Films, Planet One, penned by Shrek screenwriter Joe Stillman. The movie, about a US astronaut who touches down on a planet […]

India's UTV Aims For Big Future with Three New Features

Indian film and TV conglomerate UTV has greenlighted a trio of 3D CGI cartoon features, according to Variety. The company is ramping up its UTV Toons division into an industrial scale production-line capable of releasing features on an annual basis. The Mumbai-based facility is to grow from its present 300-member staff to 1,000 employees and […]

Frank Miller To Get Into 'The Spirit' of Directing New Movie

Frank Miller will direct a live-action feature adaptation of Will Eisner’s classic comicbook hero, The Spirit, according to Daily Variety. Lionsgate Films will handle domestic and U.K. distribution rights as well as co-finance and co-produce the film with Odd Lot Entertainment, who was selling the film at Cannes last week. Miller also wrote the screenplay […]

Press Release: ADV Acquires The Wallflower!

Announcement Made At Tribute to Series Director HOUSTON, April 16, 2007 – Last night acclaimed anime director Shinichi “Nabeshin” Watanabe (Excel Saga, Nerima Daikon Brothers) and ADV Films President John Ledford announced that ADV Films had acquired rights to Watanabe’s new series The Wallflower. The announcement was made during a tribute to the director, which […]

ADV Picks 'The Wallflower'

During a special event at the Alamo Draft House in Houston honoring Japanese director Shinichi Watanabe (“Nabeshin”) and his ADV-licensed show Nerima Daikon Brothers, ADV Films CEO John Ledford announced the licensing of Nabeshin’s latest directorial effort The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge), based on the manga by Tomoko Hayakawa, published in the US by […]

Anime Central 2007: FUNimation Licenses 'Black Blood Brothers'

FUNimation kicked off vampire-hunting season again this year by announcing the license for Black Blood Brothers at their industry panel held at Anime Central Saturday night, May 12th. Black Blood Brothers, a 12-episode TV series that aired in Japan last fall, tells the story of “Old Blood” vampires Jirou and Kotaro Mochizuki and their war […]

MIPTV: ER Rolls Out 'Transformers: Animated' To the Rest of the World

Entertainment Rights (ER) has announced the acquisition of worldwide television and VOD rights, excluding Latin America, North America and certain Asian territories, to the new Transformers: Animated series together with a 70-minute Transformers special, in addition to a host of deals concluded at last month’s MIPTV trade show held in Cannes, France. ER now represents […]

Aliens of All Shapes Shift THE BATMAN's Universe For 2-Part Season Finale

The Caped Crusader pairs with the Martian Manhunter to combat alien destruction of Gotham City in the action-packed, two-part episode “The Joining,” beginning this Saturday, April 28th and concluding on Saturday, May 5th at 10:30 a.m. ET/PT on Kids’ WB!. In “The Joining,” Gotham faces its most devastating threat ever – an alien invasion. Simultaneously, […]

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