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Transformers Prime – “One Shall Rise – Part 3” Recap

by Neo Yion October 16, 2011
“Ratchet tells Optimus’ origins to the humans while the Autobots and Megatron continue their war against Unicron.” I have the same feeling over the season finale as I do for the series in general: good concepts, terrible execution. The biggest culprit is the flashback. While it’s an excellent foreshadowing to the upcoming ending, it suffers […]

Transformers Prime – “One Shall Rise – Part 2” Recap

by Neo Yion October 9, 2011
“The Autobots must team up with an unlikely ally in order to defeat Unicron.” The middle part of many an ongoing trilogy begrudgingly carries the position of “Nothing Really Exciting Happens Here” syndrome. Yeah, this episode is padding. If you need further proof, the first seven minutes (a good third of the episode) is nothing […]

Transformers Prime – “One Shall Rise – Part 1” Recap

by Neo Yion October 2, 2011
“The reawakening of Unicron puts the Autobots on high alert as Earth suffers the consequences.” I never expected Unicron to arrive as early as the Season One finale. The beginning blatantly foreshadowed his presence but since he is the Transformers Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; […]

Transformers Prime – The Road so Far: A Fan’s Perspective

by Neo Yion June 26, 2011
It’s hard being under someone’s shadow. This is the problem facing any new Transformers series— a franchise notorious for fans getting up on edge on which incarnation is the defining representation, whether they are old-school and prefer the original G1 or newer generations that may cater to the movies. Transformers Prime isn’t any different. Already […]

Beast Wars Transformers – Best Episode Ever! – Neo Yi’s Choice

by Neo Yion June 25, 2011
So let me get this straight, we get an episode involving everyone’s favorite chew toy, Waspinator, possessed by the poster bot of deception, Starscream, for 22 minutes? Works for me! Whether inserting G1 lore into Beast Wars was a brilliant move or not, “Possession” is an excellent and delightfully entertaining episode, a loving tribute to […]

Toons of the 2000s: The End of DCAU – A Retrospective

by Neo Yion November 16, 2009
 Go back to the Toons of the 2000s Intro.   It begins under a full moon. Gotham is enjoying a rare, crime-free night. The cops in their patrol zeppelin are alone with the clouds and their boredom. Then, from nowhere, a swift, shadowy creature soars through the sky. “You see that?” one of the cops cries. Yes, we do. […]