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Transformers Prime – “Operation Bumblebee: Part 2” Episode 31 Recap

by Neo Yion March 19, 2012
An antsy Bumblebee confronts Starscream and MECH. Meanwhile Ratchet deals with his guilty past. After an incredible triggering point in part 1, the second half of “Operation Bumblebee” concludes cleanly. Ratchet’s story is paramount to the other subplots. It’s not as emotionally charged as it was last episode, but the medic’s lingering guilt weighs heavily […]

Transformers Prime – “Operation Bumblebee: Part 1” Episode 30 Recap

by Neo Yion March 11, 2012
Bumblebee questions his value to the team when he loses his ability to transform. Out of all the Autobots, Bumblebee has proven to be the most problematic character. How do you portray someone who can’t speak? Pantomime usually tends to be the answer, but Bumblebee had precious few moments in the show to rarely indicate […]

Transformers Prime – “Orion Pax: Part 3” Episode 29 Recap

by Neo Yion March 4, 2012
Jack ventures into Cybertron to restore Optimus Prime’s memories. “Orion Pax: Part Three” fittingly ends the trilogy with massive brawls and high stakes for the cast. Arcee must contend with vicious Insecticons, holding down the fort so that Jack can journey into Vector Sigma to power up the key. Once there, the pressure ramps up […]

Transformers Prime – “Orion Pax: Part 2” Episode 28 Recap

by Neo Yion February 26, 2012
“The Autobots must find a space bridge in order to get to Cybertron. Only there can they bring back their leader, Optimus Prime.” With the Key to Vector Sigma in hand, Jack is the only one who can restore Optimus to normal. To do so, he has to get to the Vector Sigma supercomputer located […]

Transformers Prime “Orion Pax: Part 1” Episode 27 Recap

by Neo Yion February 19, 2012
“The newly amnesiac Optimus Prime is now under Megatron’s command, forcing the rest of the Autobots to cope with the sudden change.” “Orion Pax: Part 1” predictably continues immediately where we left off. Season One’s finale left the Autobots with a hollow victory. The devastating might of Unicron has been sedated, but at the cost […]

Transformers Prime – “Rock Bottom” Episode 19 Recap

by Neo Yion February 4, 2012
“Caught in a cave-in, both the Autobots and the Decepticons must find a way out before they destroy each another.” Reading the preview description for this episode didn’t exactly fill me with glee; I expected boring filler. Things start off poorly when Miko jumps headfirst into an abandoned mine without a second thought, oblivious to […]

Transformers Prime – “Metal Attraction” Episode 18 Recap

by Neo Yion January 26, 2012
“Arcee and Bulkhead must combat their rivals, Breakdown and Airachid, for a powerful magnetic device.” Much like the orb that harvested Energon in “Deus Ex Machina”, the Polarity Gauntlet is the gimmicky weapon of the day this time; it can create a magnetic field to pull or push anything metallic. When Arcee and Bulkhead literally […]

Transformers Prime – “Crisscross” Episode 17 Recap

by Neo Yion January 19, 2012
“Airachid teams up with MECH to get even with Arcee and Jack.” I’ve made my opinion on Silas clear: he’s a good antagonist, but he lacks personality or motivation for his villainy. I wasn’t exactly thrilled for yet another episode with him. Fortunately, the return of Airachid lifted my spirits and “Crisscross” largely delivers. In […]

Transformers Prime “Operation: Breakdown” Episode 16 Recap

by Neo Yion January 10, 2012
“When MECH kidnaps Breakdown, it falls to the Autobots to rescue him.” I wasn’t looking forward to this episode since it focused on both Breakdown and Silas, neither of whom are remotely interesting. Breakdown’s the Decepticon’s muscle, but he lacks the charisma of his partner Knockout. At best, he gets in a few one-liners before […]

Transformers Prime – “Shadowzone” Episode 15 Recap

by Neo Yion January 6, 2012
“A ground bridge mishap accidentally sends the human kids to an alternate dimension.” I’m torn on “Shadowzone”. I didn’t care for its A plot with the human kids, yet the B plot with Starscream is excellent. After Megatron retakes his position as Decepticon leader, Starscream unsurprisingly plans immediate treachery against his former master. Using the […]