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"Zixx Level 2" Episode 2: Getting Down to Business

by MCSarahon September 14, 2005
“Dwayne’s World,” the second episode of Zixx Level 2, picks up right where episode one left off. Zixx and her sidekick Flanngo are still fighting the alien conspiracy to take over the universe. Also helping out are Riley and Meghan, the two Earthling teens who accidentally got thrown into the Keep (that’s the virtual world). […]

"Gad Guard" Vol. 2: More Gad, Less Gab, Please

by MCSarahon April 22, 2005
Last time on Gad Guard: Hajiki Sanada and his techode Lightening were caught in the middle as tensions between the techode owners began to grow. Aiko wants everyone to just get along, Takumi wants to “do the things that must be done,” Katana wants revenge, and Hajiki just wants to keep surviving. Now, in volume […]

"Gad Guard" Volume 1: Egad! It’s Good!

by MCSarahon April 14, 2005
gad n.: A strange stone that transforms into a techode (giant robot) when a person makes a bond with it. Gad Guard opens with a jazzy theme, entitled “Boomerang Boogie,” performed by Pe’z, and a shot of the gads. The first thing that comes to mind is Cowboy Bebop, but that impression is fleeting. The […]