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"Kodocha" Volume 13: The End?

by MCSarahon July 22, 2007
Sana Kurada has had her ups and downs, but the young actress shows fearless determination whatever comes her way. Whether it be tabloids smearing her face all over the news, being blacklisted by sleazy entertainment executives, or meeting her birth mother, Sana always finds that silver lining. Her positive attitude is the life of this […]

"Kodocha" Vol. 12: How I Used To Love You

by MCSarahon June 27, 2007
Ah, Kodocha. At the beginning, how I loved thee. You were crazy, unpredictable even. There were still feats of randomness for the main character, Sana, to indulge in and adventures to be had. But now? I’m not so sure. Sana Kurada, as the show claims, is not your average middle school girl. She performs a […]

"009-1" Volume 1: The Cold War Is Back

by MCSarahon June 16, 2007
Shotaro Ishinomori, creator of such popular titles as Cyborg 009 and Android Kikaider, is a legend in the manga world; his mentor was none other than Osamu Tezuka. This latest anime, 009-1, is an adaptation of his manga, which first premiered in the Shukan Manga Action magazine in 1967. The work was targeted towards younger […]

"Lil’ Bush" Episode 1: Lil’ Rascals Gone Wrong

by MCSarahon June 13, 2007
Imagine the current President Bush as a little child. Not too hard, yeah? Okay, now imagine his entire administration (Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, and the now unemployed Donald Rumsfeld) as little kids too. Then, imagine them in zany, madcap adventures where they get themselves in and out of trouble. This is the premise of Lil’ […]

"Kodocha" Vol. 11: The Seventy-Seven Pitfalls of a Writer

by MCSarahon March 9, 2007
Sana Kurada is not your typical sixth grader. She is busier than any adult, managing school and a blossoming acting career, and in this volume she takes a stab at becoming a published writer. All of this, and her family just went bankrupt! But, despite all of her hardships, Sana remains a pillar of goofy […]

"Kodocha" Vol. 10: Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Trumpet!

by MCSarahon December 21, 2006
It’s Christmas time for Sana and the gang, which means “Middle Birthdays,” trumpet vs. karate battles, Akito-moths and loads of character development. Somehow Kodocha still surprises me after all this time, throwing everything imaginable into this four episode volume. The first two epidodes, “Karate and Trumpet Compete for a Kiss,” and “That Special Christmas Kiss,” […]

"Kodocha Vol. 9": Unbreakable Chain of Cookies

by MCSarahon October 13, 2006
Sana’s recent installment reminds me perhaps too much that I’m a teacher. I LOVE Sana, don’t get me wrong. She’s wacky, crazy and the most positive person on television. But when her class goes World War III on each other, it reminds me of my day job. Our first view of Sana in this volume […]

"Oban Star Racers": Good Golly, Miss Molly!

by MCSarahon June 9, 2006
Judging a show based on the first episode is always a tricky thing to do. You are shoved into a universe that you know nothing about, introduced to unfamiliar characters, and to top it all off, you may have expectations already in place before watching. I must admit I had high expectations for Oban Star […]

"Inuyasha" Season Two: He’s Just a Big Softy

by MCSarahon January 23, 2006
Kagome is a normal Japanese teenager who fell down a well and ended up in the Feudal Era. There she awoke a half-demon, Inuyasha, complete with ears and a nasty temper. His fifty year sleep was induced by his love, Kikyo, when the two were tricked into betraying each other by the demon Naraku. Kagome, […]

"Loonatics Unleashed": Average Looney, Sort of Tooney

by MCSarahon September 14, 2005
Warner Bros.’ new animated action-comedy Loonatics Unleashed brings us yet more clones of their most famous characters. Redesigned as superheroes in the year 2772 and given superpowers by a meteor that knocked the city planet of Acmetropolis’ axis off kilter, six “descendents” of the classic Looney Tunes characters protect the city from villainy. How do […]