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TZ Reviews: "The Strip," Bare of Quality

by Matthew Williamson June 27, 2003
Last night, The First Network For Men (which hoped to be Spike TV by now, but is forced to use the name TNN) launched its new animation block. A minor complaint before this review starts; the last segment of all shows had this slightly digital, “pixelated” picture quality. It’s noticeable enough to detract from enjoyment. […]

TZ Reviews: "The Incredible Hulk" Animated DVD

by Matthew Williamson June 26, 2003
With the release of Hulk in theatres, you may be interested in revisiting the green goliath’s other adventures. And, with that magical notion called “cashing in,” several major studios are putting out DVDs of the Hulk’s various adventures, mostly his live-action exploits. Buena Vista Home Entertainment — aka Disney — is releasing something different, a […]