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Michigan J. Frog Out as WB Mascot

by Matthew Williamson July 25, 2005
USA Today is reporting that The WB television network has officially retired Michigan J. Frog, its longtime mascot, which it had used since its 1995 launch. Network president Garth Ancier cites the move as a step towards shedding the network’s young teen image as it tries to focus on a wider segment of the audience. […]

"Best of He-Man": Yes, It Does Have Some Power

by Matthew Williamson July 22, 2005
Despite their popularity, most of the eighties cartoons are remembered only nostalgically. Let’s face it—most of them aren’t as good as we remember. Some are plagued by horrible voice acting (Thundercats), some are so reliant on their toylines that it’s impossible to connect them to any character (Transformers, GI Joe), and some are just bad […]

SDCC News Roundup: 7/15

by Matthew Williamson July 15, 2005
The first full day of Comic Con International has come and gone… and while the announcements have been starting to go fast and furious, they haven’t really ramped up to the degree that will be seen on Friday and Saturday… The death of Will Eisner does not mean the death of his most famous creation, […]

SDCC: Adult Swim Announces New Pilots

by Matthew Williamson July 15, 2005
At their 2005 pitch panel, Adult Swim announced a number of new pilots for their growing block: Space Jail, a new pilot from the makers of the webtoon Barfight, showing the harsh realities of criminals who are sentenced to the tititular prison. The pilot is in development, and no release date has been set. God’s […]

New "Loonatics" Designs, Voice Cast Unveiled

by Matthew Williamson June 6, 2005
Warner Bros. has released new concept art for its controversial Loonatics series. The new artwork keeps the color schemes for the characters but discards the angular and slightly menacing look for something that has a bit more anime styling to it. Additionally, the network seems to be making it clear that the series is “inspired […]

UPDATED: DC To Unveil New Logo May 25

by Matthew Williamson May 8, 2005
DC Comics has unveiled a new logo to replace its long-running bullet design, as seen here. The logo will premiere on The Return of Donna Troy, scheduled to ship May 25, and will premiere on the company’s full range of titles starting with issues shipping June 1. The new logo is designed to appear on […]

"Power Rangers": The Best Cartoon the 1980’s Ever Produced

by Matthew Williamson February 2, 2005
Power Rangers is the perfect 1980’s cartoon. Look, never mind the fact that it is not animated and that it didn’t even air in the 1980’s (it reached American shores in 1993). Just bear with me. By “1980’s cartoon,” I mean a cartoon that mostly ignores atmosphere, character and even plot, but instead just kicks […]

"The Incredibles": Truth In Advertising

by Matthew Williamson November 8, 2004
A “blockbuster,” in my opinion, is a movie that delivers an incredible ride but also doesn’t mince on the characters or story. It’s not going to make you really think, but it is pure entertainment – often the best of what films offer. And The Incredibles is the best blockbuster movie since The Empire Strikes […]

"The Batman": Oh God, the Pain

by Matthew Williamson August 18, 2004
Toon Zone this week will run a series of reviews of The Batman, the new animated series from Kids WB and Warner Bros. Animation. The series premieres on Saturday, September 11, at 10:30am (ET). Let me say first: I wanted to like this show. The idea—a novice Batman fighting crime, a new focus on Bruce […]

"Looney Tunes Golden Collection" Worth Its Weight

by Matthew Williamson November 2, 2003
“Special Editions” and “Collector’s Editions” are bandied about all the time in the DVD world, and it’s easy to take them as genuinely bland terms that have no meaning nowadays: some studios seem to think that you can plop in a fluff piece, a commentary, some other stuff, spread it over two-discs, and call it […]