Viz acquires Mega Man Star Force

At the MIPTV conference in Paris, France this week, Viz Media has announced that they have licensed 13 episodes of Mega Man Star Force. Viz’s press release provides the following information on the series’ storyline In the year 220X, a new technology has been developed to enable contact with extraterrestrial life forms. A mysterious accident […]

Viz acquires Honey and Clover

At the MIPTV conference in Paris, France this week, Viz Media has announced that they have licensed 26 episodes of Honey and Clover. Viz’s press release provides the following information on the series’ storyline HONEY AND CLOVER, is a funny and sad story where unrequited love finds its beginning in two love triangles… College life […]

Viz acquires Blue Dragon anime series

At the MIPTV conference in Paris, France today, Viz Media has announced that they have secured the television, home video and non-video game merchandising rights for the Americas, Europe and Oceania to Blue Dragon, a new anime series based on the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 Role Playing Game. To read the full press release, visit […]

Press Release: Viz Media Named Master Licensor For Blue Dragon ™ Anime Series

New Action Series Is Based On Popular Xbox 360 Game And Features Character Designs By Manga Mastermind, Akira Toriyama San Francisco, CA April 16, 2007 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies announced today that it has secured from a consortium including […]

Clip of "The Drinky Crow Show" now available online

Publisher’s Weekly The Beat column has provided a link to a clip of The Drinky Crow Show. which debuts on Adult Swim on May 13, 2007. The clip can be viewed at Revver. The clip is recommended for mature audiences only due to content.

Illumitoon announces trade-in program for dubtitled DVDs

Illumitoon Entertainment has announced that they will be accepting trade-ins for 3 previously released anime titles that included dubtitled tracks rather than a correct subtitled track. The 3 titles affected are: BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo: Bo-nafide Protector of Hair Beet the Vandel Buster: The Sacrifice B’t X: Empire of the Machines Instructions for how to apply for […]

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance trailer online

IMAGI Animation Studios has posted a link to the new Highlander anime movie. The trailer can be viewed directly by going to this site. Highlander: The Search for Vengeance is being directed by Ninja Scroll director Yoshiaki Kawajiri and animated by Madhouse Studios. It is produced by IMAGI Animation Studios and will be released to […]

"Shin-chan" Returns to Adult Swim, DVD in August

According to FUNimation’s panel at Megacon today, anime series Shin-chan will be returning to the Adult Swim programming bloc in the late spring or early summer of this year. No further details are available at this time. A Shin-chan “season one” DVD set with episodes in dub production order will be released in August. FUNimation […]

"Blood+" Debuts on Adult Swim March 10th

The official Adult Swim Message Board is reporting that the anime series Blood+ will debut on the programming bloc on March 10, 2007, at 12:30 AM. The posting summarizes the show as follows: A continuation of the anime movie Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood+ is about a high school girl named Saya with no memory […]

Pokémon 10th Movie Title Revealed

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According to the official Pokémon Movie web page, the title of the 10th movie is Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai. It will be released on July 14, 2007 in Japan. No release date has been announced for the US or other markets yet. A commercial and trailer for the movie […]

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