Review: "Hulk and the Agents of SMASH" - Not Exactly a Smash Hit


Disney XD’s Hulk and the Agents of SMASH marks the first time the Hulk has had a cartoon centered on him since the cut-short 21-episode series that aired in 1996-97. He’s been a cast member in ensemble shows (the two recent Avengers cartoons) and a frequent guest star, and he’s been the headliner for two […]

The Vortexx of Saturday Mornings


Saturday morning cartoons (and certain live-action programs like Beakman’s World and Power Rangers), once a childhood staple, are getting closer and closer to irrelevance. Some blame this on cable and its offerings of programs once exclusive to Saturday mornings. Others blame stringent FCC regulations that make it difficult to make money out of Saturday morning […]

DC Nation: Day One

The first new block to premiere on Cartoon Network in a long time did so on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012. Unlike previous blocks, the programming centers exclusively around DC Comics superheroes. The block is meant to introduce a younger generation to some of the most famous superheroes of all time, or, rather, to elevate lesser-known […]

DC Nation and Marvel Universe: Animation Domination?

It was inevitable. With the demise of Kids’ WB, the only place left for DC Comics characters to appear in animation was the Warner-affiliated Cartoon Network. After Disney purchased Marvel, Marvel no longer needed investors and pitches to networks to get cartoons on TV. Now all Marvel needs is Disney approval and all of a […]

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Video Game Review

  Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Publisher: Namco Developer: Project Aces Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is a deviant entry in a long-running franchise with one of the strangest background stories out there. Most of the series, despite using real jet aircraft, takes place in a world called Strangereal. As the entries in the series grew, the […]

Generator Rex - Generating Wasted Potential?

When Generator Rex premiered in the Fall of 2009 to strong ratings and plenty of hype, it transformed the action-animation team Man of Action into star creators. No longer could they be considered a one-hit wonder with the Ben 10 franchise that they had lost control of starting with the Alien Force season. Generator Rex […]

Heart #1 Comic Book Review: The Heart is Hard to Find

The first thing that grabbed me about this issue is how wonderfully the cover art segues into the very first panel of page 1, as the open fist of the cover turns into a closed one to begin the opening fight of Heart, a limited series that tells the story of a MMA fighter in […]

House of Night #1 Sparkles... and I Don't Mean the Vampires

The House of Night series is a popular young-adult urban fantasy series, one that’s ridden the back of the current vampire tread to popular success, with over millions of copies sold in the series since the series began in 2007. Now there’s ten books released and multiple novellas that expand upon the universe of the […]

Our Love Is Real One-Shot Review: Love Hurts

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I volunteered to review this one-shot. I was expecting something thought-provoking, cerebral, something that would make me wonder about ourselves and how we could become sexually attracted to other things than, well, other people.  The final page of this comic says to file it under “Sci-fi/OMG/WTF”. […]

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