"Toy Story 3": Sweet to Threepeat

The third installment is always the one that never seems to really work for a film franchise. Outside of stand-alones like Goldfinger and adaptations like Return of the King, I can’t think of a single “third movie” that didn’t disappoint. Even The Godfather couldn’t pull it off. So let it be known that Toy Story […]

"Beowulf": Somewhat Off-Kilter

At this point in my life, I estimate I have read Beowulf (the poem) at least three times: once for fun, once in high school, and once in college. Yet despite this, I can claim no expertise on the tale. Like Chaucer, Beowulf is very much open to interpretation not only because it has to […]

Bandai Visual slates Tokyo Metro Explorers for November

Bandai Visual USA has announced they will release “SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next” on DVD and Blu-ray disc on November 11, 2007. “SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next” is a 40 minute film adaptation of a short manga work by legendary Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo. Extras will include an audio commentary, behind the scenes […]

Dentsu to post $44 Million loss

Japanese advertising firm Dentsu Inc is expected to post a 4.7 billion yen (equivalent to $44,000,000 US dollars) loss this week over the dismantling of the US arm of their anime production label Geneon. This adds to an additional $63,000,000 loss following the breakup of a planned film and television distribution between the troubled company […]

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society - The Essence of GITS

I’ve always believed that Ghost in the Shell’s best incarnation—outside of Masamune Shirow’s original manga—was the TV version: Stand Alone Complex. It stayed true to the cyber thriller/police procedural-style manga without falling into the somewhat boring, brooding style of Mamoru Oshii’s popular series of fims. Solid State Society, a made-for-TV movie sequel, continues this trend. […]

"Paprika": One Spicy Anime

In some of his early reviews, Roger Ebert spoke of motion pictures that gave him what he called “the out-of-body experience.” By that, he meant movies that seemed to close the gap between the viewer and the projected celluloid and create an experience that engulfed the viewer. Recently I had that kind of experience. The […]

"Voltron" Vol. 3 Delayed Until May

The third DVD collection of Voltron: Guardian of the Universe, originally slated for release on February 27, has now been rescheduled for early May, tvshowsondvd.com reports. May 8 is now believed to be the new launch date.

"What's New Scooby Doo?" Season 2 Coming to DVD

Warner Home Video will release What’s New Scooby Doo?: The Complete Second Season as a 2-disc set on 6/5/07. Extras and additional details are still TBA. [Source: The Digital Bits]

ADV Opens Position for New Brand Manager

Popular anime distributor ADV Films has opened up an online resume call for the position of brand manager with a pre-requisite of more than four years experience in marketing. Full information can be found here.

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