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"Speed Racer" Has Something for Everyone

by Lonestarron May 21, 2008
When the trailer for Speed Racer first came out, anticipation was strong, and whether you reacted to the kaleidoscopic visuals with “Wow!” or “Oh, my eyes!”, chances are you’ll feel the same way about the film. Part live-action cartoon, part action movie, and part planetarium light show, Speed Racer has something for everyone. Speed Racer […]

"Meet the Robinsons": Funny, Colorful, Funny, Heartwarming and Inventive (and Funny)

by Lonestarron April 6, 2007
There really is nothing like settling in for a animated movie, especially one that you hear next to nothing about (even allowing for TV spots with a wacky dinosaur). Such an example is Disney’s latest feature, Meet the Robinsons. Based on the novel by William Joyce (who also penned the source material for 2005’s Robots), […]

"Chicken Little": The Little Poultry That Could

by Lonestarron November 6, 2005
Here it is: Disney’s first CGI animated feature following its breakup with Pixar. I could get right into the panic of fans (myself included) who watched Disney’s traditional animation house crumble and, upon learning of this new direction, ran through the streets crying, “The sky is falling!” But business must come first. In the old […]

"The Incredibles," "Shrek 2" Get Multiple Oscar Noms

by Lonestarron January 25, 2005
The Incredibles was nominated for four Academy Awards this morning, including Best Animated Feature and Best Original Screenplay. Shrek 2 and The Polar Express also received multiple nominations. In the Animated Feature category, The Incredibles, from Pixar and Disney, will face off against two DreamWorks features, Shark Tale and Shrek 2. Animated films will also […]