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Jimmy Olsen cast in "Superman"

by La Parkaon January 31, 2005
Sam Huntington has been cast as Superman’s sidekick, Jimmy Olsen, in Bryan Singer’s Superman, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Alan Cumming on "X3"

by La Parkaon January 30, 2005
Superhero Hype! has posted an interview with Alan Cumming, Nightcrawler from X2, about the start of X3. Cumming states that filming could get underway by this summer for a May 2006 release.

Marvel’s "Man-Thing" Going Straight To TV

by La Parkaon January 26, 2005
Fangoria reports that Lions Gate Films’ and Marvel Studios’ Man-Thing will indeed bypass a theatrical run and head straight to the Sci Fi Channel in April. It will later hit DVD in June.

Wes Bentley is Blackheart in "Ghost Rider"

by La Parkaon January 21, 2005
Superhero Hype! reports that Wes Bentley has signed on to play the villain, Blackheart, in the comic book adaptation, Ghost Rider, for Columbia Pictures.

"Fantastic Four" Teaser Trailer Available Online

by La Parkaon January 19, 2005
The new teaser trailer to Fantastic Four is now available online. Additionally, the movie’s official website is up with bios on the four heroes and a Flash-animated intro. Included are pictures, wallpaper, and more. (via Superhero Hype!)

Mark Steven Johnson Talks "Ghost Rider"

by La Parkaon January 17, 2005
Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson talks to Superhero Hype! about the soon-to-be-in-production movie adaptation of Ghost Rider. He goes into details about the story, the villains, the budget, and Ghost Rider himself.

20 Seconds from the "Fantastic Four" Trailer

by La Parkaon January 14, 2005
Superhero Hype reports that has posted 20 seconds of the Fantastic Four teaser trailer that were shown during MTV’s TRL on Thursday.

Perry White and Richard White Cast for "Superman"

by La Parkaon January 13, 2005
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Hugh Laurie, of the Bryan Singer-executive produced Fox series House, has been cast as the Daily Planet’s editor-in-chief, Perry White. James Marsden, Cyclops of the X-Men franchise, has been cast as Richard White, a love interest for Lois Lane. The two characters are related, but Warner Bros. declined to comment […]

Exclusive "Appleseed" Clips Online

by La Parkaon January 12, 2005
IGN has posted two exclusive clips from the forthcoming anime release, Appleseed.

Lois Lane and Lex Luthor found for "Superman"

by La Parkaon January 7, 2005
here has confirmed that Kate Bosworth is in talks to play Lois Lane, and Kevin Spacey is set to play the superhero’s nemesis Lex Luthor in Bryan Singer’s Superman for Warner Bros. Pictures. Discuss the news The Entertainment Forum on Toon Zone’s The Entertainment Forum.