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Paramount Pictures Acquires Rights to "Invincible"

by La Parkaon March 2, 2005
Cinescape reports that Paramount Pictures has bought the film rights to Robert Kirkman’s teen-superhero comic Invincible. Kirman will adapt his own material for the studio in hopes of becoming a franchise.

"Ice Age 2" Teaser Debuting with "Robots"

by La Parkaon February 25, 2005
USA Today reports that a 1 1/2 minute teaser trailer for Ice Age 2 will debut in front of Robots, scheduled for release on March 11.

Fox to Air "Robots" Sneak Peek

by La Parkaon February 24, 2005
Fox will air a sneak peek of the upcoming CGI-animated film Robots on Friday, March 4, at 8:00pm. The special is entitled Assembling ‘Robots’: The Magic, The Music and The Comedy. [Source: Coming Soon!]

James Purefoy Plays V in "V for Vendetta"

by La Parkaon February 19, 2005
James Purefoy will play V, the man behind the porcelain mask, in V for Vendetta, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sam Elliott is Caretaker in "Ghost Rider"

by La Parkaon February 14, 2005
Mark Steven Johnson has posted on the Superhero Hype! Message Boards that Sam Elliott will be playing the part of Caretaker in the Ghost Rider film.

Matt Long and Sam Elliott Join "Ghost Rider"

by La Parkaon February 10, 2005
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Matt Long, star of WB’s Jack and Bobby, will portray the young Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider. Sam Elliott has also signed on to the picture.

Christoper Reeve Gets Tribute Statue

by La Parkaon February 5, 2005
This weekend at the DG Promotions convention in Chicago, fans will get to see a full scale tribute statue of Christopher Reeve in his Superman movie costume. You can catch a sneak preview of the statue here.

Eva Mendes Cast in "Ghost Rider"

by La Parkaon February 5, 2005
Fox News reports that Eva Mendes has signed on for a role in Mark Steven Johnson’s Ghost Rider.

"Superman" Gets Release Date

by La Parkaon February 4, 2005
Superhero Hype! reports that Warner Bros. has set a June 30, 2006 release date for Bryan Singer’s Superman.

"G.I. Joe" Gets New Writers

by La Parkaon February 2, 2005
IGN Filmforce has learned that screenwriters David Elliot and Paul Lovett have now been given the task of writing the big screen version of G.I. Joe for Paramount Pictures.