Hugo Weaving Has a "Vendetta"

Superhero Hype! report that Hugo Weaving, Agent Smith of the Matrix Trilogy, is now taking over James Purefoy’s character of V in V for Vendetta.

Three More "Spider-Man" Films on the Way

Sci Fi Wire reports that Sam Raimi, who is currently in preproduction on Spider-Man 3, let slip that Sony is planning three more Spider-Man films and that he would consider directing all of them. Spider-Man 3 is set for release on May 4, 2007.

"Blade" Coming to TV

Reuters reports that Blade is heading to the small screen as a television series. Spike TV president Doug Herzog announced the network will adapt the theatrical franchise “Blade” as a series for early next year. New Line Television and Marvel Studios will produce the project, with David Goyer, writer-director of “Blade: Trinity,” executive producing. Goyer […]

Vinnie Jones is Juggernaut in "X3"

Vinnie Jones has confirmed to the Leeds United website that he has joined the cast of X3 as Professor X’s stepbrother, Juggernaut.

Justin Timberlake Joins "Shrek 3"

Justin Timberlake will play a rebellious young King Arthur, nephew to King Harold, in Shrek 3, the Associated Press reports. It will be Shrek’s job to teach “Artie” how to act like royalty.

Michael Bay Talks "Transformers"

The IESB has posted a video interview with Michael Bay in which he talks a bit about Transformers. He mentions that the script is not yet done and that filming commences in December. He also says that “everyone will be satisfied” on the voice acting decisions for the beloved Autobots and Decepticons.

New "Batman Begins" Trailer from TRL

Superhero Hype! reports that an exclusive trailer of Batman Begins made for MTV’s TRL has been posted on MTV’s website. You can view the trailer here in Windows Media Player or here in Micromedia Flash.

First look at Superman

Superhero Hype! has posted the first image of newcomer Brandon Routh in the classic Superman suit from the highly anticipated Superman Returns.

Preview of "Batman Begins" Coming to "Smallville"

Superhero Hype! reports that an eight-minute preview of Batman Begins will air within the ninety-minute season finale of Smallville on May 18, 2005.

"Batman Begins" Stunt Show Coming This Summer

Superhero Hype! reports that a 25-minute stunt show based on this summer’s upcoming Batman Begins will debut June 25, 2005, at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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