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AX2007 – Full of CONtradictions

by Karl Olsonon August 23, 2007
This is an AX2007 sandwich, it is made of win and fail. Now, for those familiar with that meme, you’re probably chortling about that contradiction. However, it’s entirely true. AX2007 was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. Let’s start with the good: – Makoto Shinkai’s new film, 5 Centimeters Per […]

TZ @ SDCC: ADV To Dub WHV’s "Appleseed: Ex Machina" And Other News (Updated)

by Karl Olsonon July 29, 2007
At ADV’s Comic Con panel, company co-founder Matt Greenfield and manga division head Chris Oarr turned out with some very interesting news in hand. For starters, Matt Greenfield announced that ADV’s production side will be handling the dub for Warner Home Video’s new anime property, Appleseed: Ex Machina. Beyond just that, Greenfield also noted that […]

TZ @ SDCC: Del Rey Gets Phoenix Wright Manga and More

by Karl Olsonon July 29, 2007
Del Rey brought a fairly impressive crew to their panel at Comic Con 2007; division head Dallas Middaugh, Editor Tricia Narwani, Licencing Director Mutsumi Miyazaki, Marketing Director Ali Kokmen, Writer Jason Thompson and P.R. Head April Flores were in attendance. They also came with plenty of news in hand, as they announced the following 4 […]

What’s Really Happening With "Ed, Edd and Eddy"

by Karl Olsonon June 25, 2007
Lately, it seems that there has been a little confusion over the production status of the hit Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd and Eddy, so Toon Zone News contacted a.k.a Cartoon for the direct scoop. Currently, the studio is working on a 90 minute direct to TV movie. It will be broadcast in 2008 and […]

A Belated SakuraCon 2007 Wrap Up

by Karl Olsonon April 21, 2007
A little over a week a go, the northwest’s biggest anime convention, Sakura Con, came and went with a bevy of big guests, including Fruits Basket Director Akitaro Daichi, Hellsing creator Kouta Hirano, Trigun Yasuhiro Nightow and Read Or Die creator Hideyuki Kurata, J-Pop acts Lin Clover and m.o.v.e., tons of great voice actors and […]

"Happy Tree Friends" Season 1: The Best DVD Menus I’ve Ever Seen

by Karl Olsonon March 1, 2007
You may be wondering why I’ve given this review its headline. Well, it’s because that’s the one redeeming aspect I can find to the Happy Tree Friends Season 1 DVD. Okay, maybe not the one redeeming aspect. I really like the DVD itself. The menus seamlessly transition to the episodes themselves, the encoding is crisp […]

"Rumbling Hearts" Vol. 1: Compelling, Depressing, Excellent

by Karl Olsonon December 29, 2006
You know, visual novel-based animes normally have quite a surreal if not unsettling perspective on love. If you’re lucky, it’s something simple like “the main romantic interest moved from town to town during his childhood and teenage years, resulting in a trail of missed chances at romance” (Sentimental Journey), but you can just as easily […]

"Paradise Kiss" Preview – Because You’ve Grown Out Of Batons And Into Vuitton

by Karl Olsonon November 20, 2006
Anime and manga in the US all too often gets grouped into at best a handful of categories, and at worst, two: shonen and shojo. As such, a lot of folks would say Paradise Kiss is a great shojo title. However, it’s a bit misleading to say that. Not the great part, as Paradise Kiss […]

"Class of 3000": Eclectic, But Not In A "The Love Below" Way

by Karl Olsonon November 3, 2006
Animation has been playing with music, popular and otherwise, before you could even get sound on film, and at points has been a driving force behind creating animated shorts and films – after all, they were not called Merrie Melodies for nothing, and the Disney musical formula was quite profitable until they sort of burned […]

"MoonPhase Vol.1 with Box": Great, Yet Problematic, Yet Still Great

by Karl Olsonon October 14, 2006
Moe – A Japanese slang-word used by otaku to describe something that’s cute but also quasi-sexual. Usage: MoonPhase (originally known as Tsukuyomi Moon Phase) is moe. Extremely moe. From the Gothic Lolita via Lolita Complex character design to the very concept of an eternal teenager, its moetastic even. Of course, one might wonder whether anything […]