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Live Action Evangelion Plans Revealed: Eric Wereheim Tapped To Direct

by Karl Olsonon March 29, 2010
Los Angeles, CA – In a press conference today on the Universal Studios lot, director Eric Wereheim and Studio Khara’s Hideki Anno announced that plans to produce the Live Action Evangelion Film are now finalized. Wereheim will take the helm of 4 90 minute films that will condense the majority of the Evangelion story-line, though […]

SKU Overload – or- Reissuing In A Downward Spiral

by Karl Olsonon January 12, 2010
Have you noticed on the shelves of your local Best Buy or Fry’s multiple versions of the same anime? I have, and I’ve noticed the same duplication on online listings too, and well, it’s beginning to strike me as excessive for a lot of reasons. Now, reissues have their place when something has sold out […]

"Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino" OVA Is Excellent, And Yet …

by Karl Olsonon January 7, 2010
You know, even just two years ago, I probably would’ve had no problems recommending this release. It’s a great extension to a very good TV series based off one of the best manga from the past decade. These OVA episodes match the best episodes of the TV section of Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino, which themselves […]

Anime in the Coming Decade

by Karl Olsonon December 17, 2009
Moe Won’t Die, But It Can Kill Moe is a trend in anime towards the use of underage, often barely-clad heroines with no unique character traits. One of the biggest anime of 2009, maybe even of the decade in Japan if we’re talking merchandise and media sales, was a little slice-of-life show by the name of K-ON. […]

Toons of the 2000s: Anime That Still Haven’t Made It To America

by Karl Olsonon December 4, 2009
Go back to the Toons of the 2000s Intro. For a decade of anime that was defined by paying top-dollar for mid-season licenses and co-productions, a surprising number of gems haven’t made it to America yet, and post-crash, they may never get a proper release here. So, the blog staff and I set about trying […]

"The Wallflower": It’s Raining Men But Get An Umbrella

by Karl Olsonon December 2, 2009
Name the anime series from the description: Through a mildly contrived series of events, a fairly eccentric high school girl ends up living in a house with four beautiful guys. She ends up cooking and cleaning for them, and she’s amazingly adept all sorts of housework. The guys are so drop-dead gorgeous that there is […]

"When They Cry: The Complete Series": Absolutely Heart-Stopping Horror

by Karl Olsonon October 20, 2009
A lot of anime try to be scary; and a lot try to do multiple short multi-episode arcs; and a lot try to fuse genres. Some of them even try all those at once. When They Cry is one of the few that succeeds. The story begins in the tiny town of Hinamizawa, deep in […]

"Gakuen Alice: The Complete Series": Ready To Set The World Ablaze

by Karl Olsonon October 1, 2009
Did you enjoy the manic exuberance and heavy melodrama of Kodocha? Do you like stories about kids in magical boarding schools? Can you live with subs only? If you answered yes to all three, stop here and just buy Gakuen Alice. No really, it’s wonderfully bittersweet and upbeat in the same motion, and it hits […]

"Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino": A Great Shot But No Bullseye

by Karl Olsonon September 20, 2009
When an anime property changes studio and director, it’s a tough move for the fans, especially when the first studio and director did a brilliant job. The first Gunslinger Girl anime was one in a series of excellent manga-to-adaptions helmed by Morio Asaka and animated by the brilliant artists of Madhouse, and outside of a […]

"Venus Versus Virus" Boxset: A Virus That’s Okay To Catch

by Karl Olsonon June 30, 2009
Venus Versus Virus is undoubtedly a product of its recently concluded era. From the dichromatic eyes to the immortal loli-character, from the cold tsundere action heroine to the butler/jack-of-all-trades character, it’s stacked with clichés from this last decade of anime. Even the stories feature clichés: There’s the possessed-best-friend episode, the “I don’t want this power […]