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"Black Butler" Season 1 Part 1: Pretty Boys, Pretty Brutal, Pretty Good

by Karl Olsonon January 18, 2011
In Victorian-era England, Ciel, a pretty anime boy bent on avenging his parents’ death, cuts a deal with a demon named Sebastian in exchange for his soul. If this sounds to you like equal parts Victorian Romance Emma, Death Note and Batman, perhaps with a side of Faust, you’re on your way to describing Black […]

"Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt": Rebirth of Fun Anime

by Karl Olsonon October 26, 2010
Let me lead by saying that it’s not like there haven’t been good anime the past few years. There’s Baccano, Gurren Lagann, Nana, and Trapeze to name a few from the series side of things, and I must admit that Summer Wars and the new Evangelion movies are all great animated films. Plus, sometimes the […]

"T.U.F.F. Puppy": Is It Enough To Be Funny?

by Karl Olsonon September 30, 2010
Normally I’d fill a review like this by talking a lot about plots and characters and visuals. But you know what, I get to do enough of that with other shows. T.U.F.F. Puppy gives me the chance to talk about something else. I want to start by saying that Butch Hartman is quite talented. He […]

"Sym-Bionic Titan": And I Thought "Adventure Time" Was Awesome…

by Karl Olsonon September 15, 2010
One didn’t have to watch too many episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory or Samurai Jack to know that Genndy Tartakovsky had a serious affinity for giant robots of all stripes. However, in Dexter he used them to satirize the tropes common to giant robot shows, and in Samurai Jack he used them as something for the […]

"xxxHolic: The Complete Series": ParaSNOREmal InActivity

by Karl Olsonon July 6, 2010
I want to lead off by saying that I’m a huge fan of CLAMP. I say this as the article title makes clear I’m not giving xxxHolic a terribly positive review. This is not because there is anything at all conceptually wrong with the show. After all, it made a great manga, and it and […]

Publish (Online) or Perish: The Bullet Manga and Comics Have To Bite (Or Else.)

by Karl Olsonon June 10, 2010
Recently, an alliance of Japanese and American manga publishers announced a crackdown on various manga scanlation sites. This news itself comes hot on the heels of some shocking revelations about said piracy sites. First off, some of them are so popular as to place in the top 1000 googled sites on the internet. Even more […]

Bratty Otaku vs. Soulja Boy: No, This Isn’t A MC Battle

by Karl Olsonon May 31, 2010
I’m going to lead this off by saying the following: I don’t like Soulja Boy as an MC. However, he wasn’t in the wrong on this. He did what every other rapper who makes mixtapes does, just with something besides the backing music, and with something outside of the mainstream HipHop milieu. The site that […]

"Adventure Time": You Can Believe the Hype, Sort Of

by Karl Olsonon April 5, 2010
San Diego Comic Con 2006. Fresh off hitting what felt like countless panels, I happened to check out a session on Nickelodeon’s upcoming shorts program, Random Cartoons. I had already been looking forward to it, having talked earlier in the month with Jerry Beck about his pilot for the program, and after the amazing results […]

New Anime Company Formed; Licenses Kodomo No Jikan

by Karl Olsonon March 29, 2010
Seattle, WA – SeAnime, a new localization house headed by former Microsoft employee Susan Modny has not only announced its existence today, but also their first title, fan favorite Kodomo no Jikan. Retitled for N. America as Playground Love, the company initially plans to release it dub-only using the original broadcast master (not the uncensored […]

Australian Parliament Debates Banning All Cartoons

by Karl Olsonon March 29, 2010
Canberra, Australia  – Following Australia’s national internet censorship initiative, their legislation banning adult women who fit a certain body-type from pornography and the recent banning all cartoon pornography, Australian MPs have decided to use this momentum to introduce additional legislation that would ban all animated content, citing the rights of fictional characters. One MP stated […]