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"3×3 Eyes" Vol. 2: Worthy Sequel to Great Original

by Jon Ton October 2, 2007
Set four years after the conclusion of the first series, the second volume of 3 x 3 Eyes finds Yakumo wandering Tibet, and ultimately Tokyo, in search of Pai, who he knows must be alive somewhere. After a dynamically animated opening sequence with Yakumo showing off his new skills, it’s back to Japan where we […]

"3×3 Eyes" Is a Classic Reissued

by Jon Ton October 2, 2007
Finally making their way to DVD from Geneon are the classic 3×3 Eyes OVAs from the early 90s. In this first DVD, containing the first OVA series, we are introduced to the world of Pai, the last remaining sanjiyan (a tribe of three-eyed immortals), her victim-of-circumstance sidekick/protector Yakumo, and a plethora of other supporting characters. […]

"The Marvel Super Heroes": Classic Comics in Suspended Animation

by Jon Ton July 23, 2007
Released on Region 2 DVD in the UK on May 21 were four-fifths of the classic The Marvel Super Heroes from Maximum Entertainment. Maximum had previously released two separate volumes of each of the four series—which focus on Captain America, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner and Thor—but they didn’t finish each series at the time. Thankfully, these […]