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"Ah! My Goddess Season Two" Makes For A Nice, Relaxing Diversion

by Jon Ton May 7, 2009
Ah! My Goddess, like the male lead Keiichi Morisato himself, can best be described as nice, if not especially distinguished. I’d never sought out this series, and had simply dismissed it as probably being too bland for my tastes. In a way, even after having finally seen the second season of the TV show and […]

"Black Lagoon: Season 1": Excitement, Explosions, and Expletives

by Jon Ton April 13, 2009
This is not a series for the faint-hearted. You have been warned. Black Lagoon starts out appropriately with a bang, with the three-strong Lagoon Company team of mercenaries having already kidnapped a hapless young Japanese salary man named Rokuro “Rock” Okajima. While actually after an important CD he is carrying, one of the team, Revy, […]

"Xenosaga" Fails To Fill in the Blanks

by Jon Ton February 19, 2009
For a few years now, lots of anime series have been based on video games, and Xenosaga is no exception. Like many, though not all, such series, Xenosaga falls into the trap of seemingly being made to cater to pre-existing fans of the original game material rather than trying to attract a new audience. Xenosaga […]

"Ergo Proxy Complete" Is Good, But Not Quite As Clever As It Thinks It Is

by Jon Ton December 7, 2008
Another one of the late, lamented Geneon’s series returns to the market courtesy of Funimation, and delivers an intriguing and moody tale of humans and androids living together in a seemingly idyllic existence. Ergo Proxy posits a future in which humanity lives in self-enclosed domed cities full of advanced technology, the most obvious of which […]

"Masters of the Universe" Season Two Slithers To A Successful, If Premature, Ending

by Jon Ton November 23, 2008
Some three years after BCI began releasing the original Filmation series, here at last is the final season of the 2002 iteration of Masters of the Universe. By the time season two of the new series began airing, the toyline itself was in deep freefall, thanks most notably to horrendous distribution problems that infamously put […]

"The Mindscape of Alan Moore" Offers Many Fascinating Observations on Reality

by Jon Ton September 29, 2008
There are few comic book creators as critically acclaimed as Alan Moore. For as long as I have been collecting comics, his work has been held up as some of the finest latter-day writing the medium has ever seen. The first Moore story I read was from one of his brief forays into true mainstream […]

"Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars 7 & 8": Last Blitz of the Divine Crusaders

by Jon Ton September 19, 2008
Following on from the last volume’s “official” conclusion of the Divine War, Super Robot Wars Volumes 7 and 8 continue with the re-emerging overall threat of the alien Aerogators, as well as finally dealing with a few stragglers from the Divine Crusaders, who are still stubbornly intent on controlling the Earth. Spoilers follow. Volume 7 […]

"Galaxy Rangers: Collection 2" Saddles Up Successfully and Rides Into The Sunset

by Jon Ton September 8, 2008
The second, and concluding, volume of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers finally makes its way to DVD, and provides more of the same kind of entertaining episodes and informative extras that the first volume had. “Consolidation” is a theme in the series’ second half, which introduces far fewer new characters and concepts. Instead, it […]

"Masters of the Universe" Season 1, Part 2 Continues To Impress

by Jon Ton August 15, 2008
The first half of the first season of 2002’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe struck a good balance between establishing the world of Eternia and giving viewers some effective character-specific episodes. With most of the world-building out of the way, the second half of the season (lately released to DVD) is given over […]

"Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars Volume 6" Presents A Divine Last Stand

by Jon Ton July 16, 2008
Volume 6 of Super Robot Wars brings a conclusion of sorts to the ongoing battle with the Divine Crusaders, but it’s clear that darker forces await our heroes over the horizon. With just over 10 episodes left to the end of the series, the war between the Federation and Bian Zoldark’s Divine Crusaders is starting […]