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Rah Rah Rah for She-Ra’s Second Boxset!

by Jameson June 28, 2007
Please cast your collective little memories back through the years of fictitious kick-ass girls that litter television history. Go back past Buffy the Vampire Slayer; ignore the hot lady from Dark Angel; don’t linger around Xena: Warrior Princess too long— Oh, now you’ve gone back too far, so stop dreaming about leggy Linda Carter in […]

"Sword of Storms": Heaven-Sent Hellboy

by Jameson June 11, 2007
Before we delve into our little tête à tête, dear reader, let me make one thing clear: I am a huge fan of the Big Red Devil excellence that wasn’t Hellboy. A caption offered in the monosyllabic idiom of the man himself: “Pissed.” In recent years, I’ve been a divided boy when it comes to […]

Earthly Delights: "To Terra" Still Hits the Mark

by Jameson April 23, 2007
For my conventionally Western brain-box, reading Japanese literature is akin to pulling your brain out, giving it a brisk, healthy wash in nice, hot cup of green tea and then placing it back in your skull—making sure, of course, that the arrow is clearly pointing front-wards. In other, less colorful words, it’s both refreshing and […]

Flash in the Pan: "Defenders" Fails to Ignite

by Jameson April 10, 2007
I wouldn’t describe Defenders of the Earth as one of my childhood favorites. Even back then, my toy-addicted lump of gray matter found it generic and uninspiring. Last year, when I had the opportunity to review Filmation’s Flash Gordon for Toon Zone, I also had the chance to compare it with Defenders of the Earth […]

"Teen Titans" Terra-ific Second Season

by Jameson January 29, 2007
It’s no shock that Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans was hugely popular. True, its premiere was preceded by the usual fan freakouts, but once it aired, most of the skeptics got down off their soapboxes to watch a rather enjoyable new show. They were joined by a wealth of new fans who were enraptured by the […]

"Gankutsuou" Honors Dumas Masterpiece

by Jameson January 16, 2007
Animation and literary classics are not regular bedfellows. Occasionally they’ve slipped between the sheets, so to speak: many cartoons are taken from classic literature. But there are few of which you can honestly say that they’ve reinvented a classic. Most successful animated versions of classic novels have—in this man’s humble opinion—added something unique to the […]

More than Girl Power: She-Ra on DVD

by Jameson December 30, 2006
Ah, the good old days. Home-baked bread, kids on BMXs, Duran Duran booming out of the stereo and of course, an abundance of cheap and cheerful Filmation cartoons. And that was just last Thursday. For once again I’m back on the Filmation DVD box sets, and this time we’re off to experience one of Filmation’s […]

Ode to Tezuka: "Kirihito" Classic Is a Must Read

by Jameson December 6, 2006
I doubt few eyebrows would raise if I was to declare that we all live in “uncertain times.” However, beyond the concerns of the upcoming global catastrophes, the political deceit, the uncontrolled growth of technology and of course, this generation’s most profound question, just who will Britney Spears eventually settle down with, there is one […]

Seasoned Spirits – "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig" Vol 7

by Jameson November 28, 2006
And hereby ends the second season of the animated “Ghost in the Shell” with the DVD release of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Volume 7 – and complex is an appropriate word for those who have not been following the current story arc. I heartily recommend for those in such circumstances […]

Cartoon Outkast: "Class of 3000" Misses the Grade

by Jameson November 3, 2006
I’ve never been overly comfortable with cartoons based on established media persona. Having celebrity personalities voicing fictional cartoon characters, fine. Celebrity personalities voicing themselves, spat into the middle of a fictitious universe in which they themselves play the central hero just seems rather indulgent. After all, it’s the fact that Batman or Bugs Bunny cannot […]