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One Piece UK Complete Collection 1-4

Review: “One Piece Uncut Collections 1-4 (UK Editions)”: See Pirates at their Best!

by Jameson December 9, 2013
When it comes to reviewing any product, it is good to know that the review is impartial, honest, and objective; looking at the product with fresh, critical eyes and, in turn, guiding the reader through a fair appraisal of that said product. I think any reviewer worth his bag of chips would stand by that, […]

Review: “Bakemonogatari Part 1 & Part 2 (UK Editions)”: Vampire without Bite

by Jameson October 18, 2013
There comes a time in every reviewer’s life when he or she meets an obstacle they just can’t get past. In my head I conjure the image of a passive stone bear blocking my prose-path. The bear gives it the personification of being an organic issue or obstacle of character. The stone is the immovable […]

Review: “Dream Eater Merry” Season 1 (UK Edition) – The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of?

by Jameson September 9, 2013
Dreams are nasty buggers, particularly for teens – high expectations from parents, school, television, peers, and society in general are all carried across aspiring youthful shoulder blades, sucking away at the ability to enjoy the present for fear of the future. It’s no surprise that the world of nightmares and daydreams are so widely scattered […]

Sky’s No Limit for "One Piece" Third Season!

by Jameson March 1, 2011
One Piece Third Season has the show reaching for the sky, which was a relief for both myself and you, the dear reader; with any luck it will save you from another One Piece review filled with the usual load of half-baked sea-faring puns. This time you’ve got half-baked sky puns instead. How lucky are […]

Holy Smoker! Robin Comes to "One Piece"!

by Jameson June 13, 2010
Here we are again, with another offering from FUNimation to help you, the dear consumer, increase your collection of official One Piece action. Second Season: Seventh Voyage pushes One Piece’s US DVD release closer to the big 150-episode marker. Peanuts in relation to the whole ongoing series, but a tasty number for any DVD shelf. […]

Just Deserts: Three-Piece "One Piece" Box Set Win!

by Jameson April 27, 2010
Ahoy there, my hearties! I have just returned from the most epic sea journeys, and I’m ready to regale you all with my experiences over a bottle of grog! The bond of friendship is, to me, what makes One Piece one of the most compelling shows on television today. Few shows made for the younger […]

Pirate Pleasures: "One Piece" Second Season Sails with Confidence!

by Jameson April 26, 2010
Ah One Piece. I started my virgin voyage on your quirky seas with The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta, the enhanced DVD release of the truncated Alabasta arc. Then I began watching it from the beginning, and now, having finally completed the “Second Season Third Voyage” DVD set, I am nearly back […]

"Black Jack": Jack of All Trades, Master of All.

by Jameson January 11, 2010
As a meager, part-time reviewer, I am somewhat daunted by the prospect of once again critically appraising the work of Japan’s greatest comic legend. I’m only an unwelcome personal literary adjudicator to the work of Osamu Tezuka. Why should simple old Jimmy Em to be putting him on trial once more? Anyhow, right or not, […]

Out for the Count: "Gankutsuou" Triumphant!

by Jameson October 12, 2009
I always find it fascinating when a piece of art endures longer than its author intended. Conan Doyle never considered his Sherlock Holmes stories masterpieces. It was work for a periodical that took on a life of its own, so much so that when he tried to kill the detective off he was forced to […]

Surgical Spirit: "Black Jack" Volumes 2, 3 and 4 Get a Clean Bill of Health!

by Jameson June 19, 2009
There are some books simply too good to review— books that really don’t require the help of some meager assessor; that are happy enough to stand tall without third party endorsements. In essence, there are some books that make my job more without meaning than I could ever succeed at. Vertical have been hot on […]