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Same Old Tenchi: The World’s Roundest and Happiest Time

by Gary L Thompsonon March 18, 2008
Probably the most apt line in this three-disc set comes in the final line of the dub, when Katshuito says, “The more things change…” When the viewer automatically completes it (“…the more things stay the same”), he’ll have pretty much summed up Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki the Complete Series. And in the case of Tenchi […]

Manga/Anime Property Airs on AZN Television as Live-action Movie

by Gary L Thompsonon September 21, 2007
AZN Television will begin the fall season with a line-up of action-packed thrillers, including Initial D. Premiering Sept. 20 at 7pm & 12am ET, this award-winning 2005 box office hit delves into the world of street car racing, known as drifting. In the early hours of the night, 18 year-old Takumi delivers tofu orders for […]

Mixed Feelings About "Mix Master"

by Gary L Thompsonon August 16, 2007
One of the latest entries in the “mon” genre of animated shows has found a new home on the nascent Kabillion cable TV network. After viewing several Mix Master episodes on Video On Demand, I honestly wouldn’t say that the show is the last word in the genre. Nor can I say that it will […]