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Press Release: ADV Acquires "Sgt. Frog"

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2006
ADV ACQUIRES BLOCKBUSTER NEW SERIES SGT. FROG Deal Includes Broadcast, Home Video and Merchandising Rights for English-Speaking World HOUSTON, November 20, 2006 —ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime outside of Japan, announced today it has acquired exclusive broadcast, home video, and major merchandising rights in the English-speaking world for Sgt. Frog, the biggest […]

Press Release: BCI to Release "Legend of Price Valiant" Vol 2

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2006
NAVARRE’S BCI TO RELEASE FINAL 32 EPISODES OF THE CLASSIC HEARST ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION SERIES “THE LEGEND OF PRINCE VALIANT” Volume Two, Five DVD Set Available January 16th for $39.98 Los Angeles, CA – The legend of the award-winning Prince Valiant reaches its grand conclusion. BCI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, in its venture with […]

Press Release: Central Park Media Schedules 4 Re-Priced Re-releases for January

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2006
CENTRAL PARK MEDIA HAS SCHEDULED FOUR RE-PRICED RELEASES FOR JANUARY 3-Disc Box Set to be Priced at $29.95 SRP and Single Discs to be Priced From $9.95 SRP. NEW YORK, NY (November 21, 2006)  Central Park Media announced today that it will kick off the new year with the re-release and re-pricing of Black […]

Press Release: YTV Announces New Year’s Eve Programming

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2006
JOIN YTV FOR A NEW YEAR’S EVE SLEEPOVER PARTY AND LOTS OF NEW YEAR’S DAY FUN WITH TREEHOUSE Ring in 2007 with a Marathon of Movies, Shows and Specials for Kids and Teens (November 21, 2007 – Toronto , Canada ) There’s a sleepover party and all YTV fans are invited! Ring in the new […]

Norm McLaren Film Series at Museum of Modern Art Nov 29-30

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2006
Master animator Norman McLaren will be the subject of a film retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, NY. The 11-film series will spotlight a set of newly restored 35mm prints of McLaren’s groundbreaking works. The films will be screened at the MoMA on Wednesday, November 29, 2006, at 6:00 […]

Marcia Wallace on Mrs. Krabappel and Newhart

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2006
Actress Marcia Wallace has been interviewed by’s PULSE News about her career in Hollywood, including her breakout on The Bob Newhart Show and her current recurring role as Mrs. Krabappel on The Simpsons.

"Alex Toth: Edge of Genius" Excerpt On-line

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2006 has posted an excerpt from Alter Ego #63, a retrospective/tribute issue dedicated to the late Alex Toth. The excerpt was originally from the introduction to Greg Theakston’s Alex Toth: Edge of Genius. The tribute issue will be on sale on December 6.

Target vs. Disney Over Downloadable Movies (UPDATED Nov 20, 2006)

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2006
According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, national retailer Target is in conflict with Disney again due to the downloadable Disney movies available on the Apple iTunes Store. Target is reportedly upset over the lower pricing of the downloadable movies compared to the DVD version, and has told stores to remove signs promoting […]

"Happy Feet" Rakes in $42.3m for #1 Box Office Spot; "Flushed Away" Drops 63%

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2006
Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers’ Happy Feet has earned an estimated .3 million, just nudging it the latest James Bond movie to take the #1 spot in box office earnings this past weekend. The same weekend saw a 63% drop in the box office take for DreamWorks Animation’s Flushed Away, which slipped to #5 […]

Tad Stones on Hellboy: Blood and Iron Delays, Third DTV Script

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2006
Tad Stones’ latest update to the Hellboy Animated production blog details some delays that Hellboy: Blood and Iron has encountered and the impact that it will have on the production crew. Reportedly, the overseas animators refused to hand in scenes until they were done do their satisfaction. At the end of the post, Stones notes […]